Hawks could auction pick 34, too

NFL draftGreen Bay holds the power to start Day 2 of the draft. Having moved down to pick 33, the Packers are now fielding calls from teams interested in moving up. The target for most probably is Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer.

Seattle’s pick, the second in the round, should be popular, too — whether it’s for a QB or another player who dropped out of the first round.

The Seahawks have a league-high six picks today — two in the second round, four in the third — and they aren’t against adding more.

“We have some freedoms here that could come to us, and we’re in a great spot in a couple of these rounds right now,” Pete Carroll said Thursday, after the Hawks traded down twice to net an extra third, a fourth and a seventh. “I imagine we’re not going to turn down phone calls. John will be working it.”

If the Packers don’t deal their pick, Seattle would find itself in the catbird seat for teams wanting Kizer. It’s possible some teams might be hot for Cal QB Davis Webb, too, which would play into Seattle’s hands.

Here’s a look at teams that could want to move up for quarterbacks:

Cleveland: The Browns made three picks in the first round — and still need a quarterback. If they want one, they could move up from 52, offering the top pick in the third round. To even out the deal, the Hawks probably would toss Cleveland the fourth-rounder acquired from the 49ers.

Jacksonville: If the Jags aren’t happy with Blake Bortles, they could try to fix it now. The Jags sit at 35, just one pick behind Seattle. But they could want to make the same one-spot move Chicago made in the first round, to make sure they get the QB. It would cost them the third pick in the fourth round, which would give Seattle the third and fourth picks in the fourth stanza.

NY Jets: The Jets could give Seattle the last pick in the third round to move up five spots. It would be a good deal for Seattle, dropping just five places and ending up with a fifth third-rounder and seventh Day 2 pick.

Buffalo: The Bills, not married to Tyrod Taylor, could be interested in making a QB move. They have two thirds and could give up the lower (91). That would give Seattle 44, 58, 90, 91, 95, 102 and 106 today.

Arizona: The Cardinals have shown some interest in Webb. Seattle could get away with charging them a premium, both for the high demand and for being a division foe. Picks 45 and 77 would do it.

Pittsburgh: Big Ben looks set to retire in the next year or two. It’s highly unlikely the Steelers would want to try to come up from 62, but they do have two thirds to pay if they wanted to make the leap.

Schneider has made a trade in the second round in six of his seven drafts, including moves down to get Bobby Wagner (2012), Christine Michael (2013) and Paul Richardson (2014). He is in perfect position to move down again.


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