Great time to find some new Legionnaires

NFL draftDRAFT COUNTDOWN: 3 weeks. Every Friday until the April 27-29 draft, we look at draft topics related to the Seahawks.

Whether the Seahawks trade Richard Sherman or not this year, the admission by Pete Carroll and John Schneider that the Hawks are fielding offers for the All-Pro is a sign that the Legion of Boom is at a crossroads.

Even if Earl Thomas comes back better than ever, Kam Chancellor gets his contract extension and Sherman avoids a trade, it is clear the end is approaching for the fabled unit. And, as it turns out, this is a great year to find heirs apparent in the draft.

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Sherman asked out? Don’t believe it

Hawks vs Packers Sherman all aloneAdam Schefter’s “report” that Richard Sherman asked for a trade blew up today — confusing some and making others nod in understanding over why Pete Carroll and John Schneider have been so open about the possibility of moving the All-Pro corner.

But Sherman did not ask for a trade. Schneider and Sherman’s brother made that pretty clear earlier this week.

Schefter’s clip on ESPN got a lot of attention, but notice what he actually said: “My understanding was that Richard Sherman initiated this. He was looking to get out of Seattle. He was open to that idea initially. They’re accommodating him by listening to trade offers.”

“My understanding” is another way of saying “a source told me.” That source obviously had a motive — either trying to make it look like Sherman has more control than he really does (he doesn’t control where he goes) or trying to soften any backlash if the Hawks do end up trading one of the Legion of Boom originals.

Either way, Schefter’s information goes against what Schneider and Branton Sherman said this week.

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