Draft day live: Hawks trade down twice, out of first round

NFL draft8:30 p.m. — The Seahawks will make their first pick on Friday.

After moving down five spots with Atlanta, the Seahawks then moved down three more in a deal with the 49ers, which netted them the second pick in round 2 and a fourth-rounder.

The Seahawks have now vacated the first round in four of the past five drafts.

Seattle has six picks on Friday and 10 overall.

8 p.m. — The Seahawks set the stage for a trade down with Atlanta earlier this week and pulled off the deal, moving from 26 to 31.

It was the same move the Seahawks made last year, and John Schneider got a little more — a third and seventh.

Seattle now has four third-round picks.

5:30 p.m. — John Lynch started his first draft as 49ers GM with a bang, fleecing Chicago to move up one spot and still getting the guy the 49ers surely wanted all along.

The Bears gave the 49ers a third and fourth in this draft, plus a 2018 third-rounder, to move up to No. 2 and draft North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky. Then the 49ers snagged Stanford DE Solomon Thomas.

Nice moves by Lynch, who needs all the picks he can get to put the 49ers back in competition with the Seahawks in the NFC West. He has 12 now.

3 p.m. — How about a three-team, two-cornerback deal?

The Saints and Patriots apparently are hung up on which first-round pick would be involved in a Malcolm Butler trade. With Richard Sherman apparently preferring the Patriots, what if the Seahawks sent Sherman to the Patriots, who sent Butler to the Saints, who sent the No. 32 overall pick (originally New England’s) to Seattle?

It’s unlikely but fun to consider …

2:30 p.m. — Richard Sherman reportedly wants to be traded to New England. Of course, there is no sign the Patriots would want him after they added Stephon Gilmore in free agency.

The Patriots also have almost no draft currency left this weekend. Any deal would have to include a future high pick.

Meanwhile, in other trade reports, Denver is indeed targeting a tackle, specifically Garett Bolles, in a possible move up from 20, per Charley Casserly of NFL Network.

The Giants reportedly want to move up to secure Wisconsin OT Ryan Ramczyk.

12:30 p.m. — The Seahawks aren’t the only team reportedly fishing for a possible move into the teens. Denver (No. 20), the New York Giants (No. 23) and Houston (No. 25) all apparently are exploring moves up, too.

The Broncos reportedly have talked to Tennessee about possibly moving all the way to No. 8 — presumably to draft Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey. The Broncos also could be looking for a smaller jump to get a tackle.

The Giants also are reportedly hunting for a tackle.

Targets for these teams include Baltimore (16), Tennessee (18) and Tampa Bay (19).

The Seahawks are thought to be interested in either Western Kentucky’s Forrest Lamp or Utah’s Garett Bolles. The race is on.

11 a.m. — The Seahawks reportedly have talked to Tennessee about a possible trade up, from 26 to 18.

Tampa Bay, at 19, also wants to trade down. The Seahawks might want to get ahead of the teams in the 20s who also want offensive linemen. Denver also reportedly is working on moving up for its top lineman.

A move up to those spots would cost Seattle its top third-rounder (No. 90 overall) and perhaps another later pick.per Charley Casserly of NFL Network


3 thoughts on “Draft day live: Hawks trade down twice, out of first round”

  1. I’ve always said a 3 way trade would be an ok move if Sherm is determined to leave. Sherm to NE for Garapollo and a 4th. Sea trades Garapollo to CLE for the 12 and 33rd picks


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