CHAWK LINES -- Sherman

John Schneider reiterated Pete Carroll’s comments about the Seahawks being open to trading Sherman. Schneider called the possibility “real” but also echoed Carroll’s thought that a deal seems unlikely.

Sherman responded via MMQB, saying, “There is no bad blood.”

The Seahawks reportedly want a high pick and a “very good” veteran player — which makes perfect sense.

The Seahawks reportedly are being proactive about dealing Sherman as well.

The Patriots reportedly are interested — but seem like a long shot. Another report said the Patriots are not interested.

The Tennessee Titans, who have two first-round picks, seem to be the best match, considering their combination of draft capital, cap space and need.

Sherman’s brother said, “This is a new chip Richard is going to use.” Like Sherman needs more chips on his shoulder.

The draft might be the best time to make this move.

A few stats show why trading Sherman might be crazy — but also why other teams would want him.

What is the motivation for possibly trading Sherman?

We think it is mainly that Sherman refuses to be a team player.

Others think the Hawks are looking at saving money.

Others think they are trying to get younger.

At least one analyst thinks Sherman is on the decline.


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