Hawks looking for trade-down partners

NFL draftAs the Seahawks look for ways to move down from their pick at 26, it looks like they could have a few options.

Denver (31st pick) and Cleveland (32nd) reportedly have been looking for ways to move up — likely for Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch. Both teams apparently have talked with Green Bay, which picks right behind Seattle. So, it follows that they have talked or will speak with the Seahawks, too.

Of course, the New York Jets could well decide to grab Lynch at No. 20 (or higher), which would leave the Seahawks looking for another team with a reason to move up.

Another draw to moving from the top of the second round into the bottom of the first is the fifth-year player control the first round offers, which could prompt teams to come up for one of the other quarterbacks — or a player at a different position.

Word is Tennessee likes Texas A&M right tackle Germain Ifedi and could be interested in moving up from 33rd overall if the team does not grab a tackle at 15. The Titans have three of the top 14 picks in the second round; so, if they don’t use any to move up from 15, they might want to get into the bottom of the round.

Baltimore, drafting 36th, could make a move back into the first for a safety. As Rob Staton points out, the Ravens have a fourth-round comp pick, so they could afford to give up their pick at No. 104.

John Schneider said he will talk to every GM on Thursday before the draft begins to see which teams might want to move up. Teams already know the Seahawks are poised to move down.

“We have a lot of different connections with our team, so we talk to a lot of people,” Schneider said. “I’ll spend Thursday going through every team, talking to every general manager, and just talking to them about what they want to do. Some people know already that they want to go back. Some people know that they want to go up. There’s not a ton shared right now, but there’s a couple teams that we have relationships with that know what they want to do.”

Schneider has made deals with 21 teams since he became Seattle’s GM in 2010, and the Hawks have especially close ties to Green Bay, Oakland, Jacksonville, Washington, Atlanta, Minnesota, Kansas City, Buffalo and Baltimore.

“It’s relationships,” Pete Carroll said. “John’s been working with these guys for years.”

As part of the lead-up to the draft, Schneider’s staff has done a lot of research on other teams’ needs and drafting patterns. So they will already have an idea what many teams are thinking.

As Carroll said, “He’s great at this. This is what John does. I mean the whole process is trying to figure all of that information out, and take everything in and make it so he can be the expert on where these guys are going to go. I think it’s a thrill to watch as the draft comes off, because we’re anticipating things happening, and we feel pretty confident that we’re going to have a great handle on it. I love the way John has been able to do that.”

We’ll see how he does it the next three days.


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