More evidence that Chancellor, Bennett will not hold out

Kam and BennettEntering the offseason, two of the Seahawks’ biggest personnel questions centered on whether Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett were going to be problems.

It’s looking more and more like neither will be.

Chancellor apparently has made up with the team, based on words from him and John Schneider. And he added to that with recent comments to The Seattle Times, saying, “The past is the past” and talking about being a leader, a big brother and a captain.

Like Chancellor, Bennett has been griping about his contract for a year. Unlike Chancellor, Bennett showed up on time last year and turned in his best season.

Of course, all that did was build up concern that Bennett might give the Hawks another Kam Kam Kick this year and hold out. But it is looking like Bennett has no plans to do that.

The first sign was when he dumped agent Drew Rosenhaus for Doug Hendrickson. The most recent indicator comes from Chris Clemons, who is returning to the Seahawks after hearing recruiting pitches from Richard Sherman and Bennett.

“When I was first released from Jacksonville, I actually got a call from Sherm and Michael Bennett, having a few conversations about going after another title,” Clemons told 710 ESPN on Monday. “It was very, very intriguing from them, knowing we had won it all before.”

Clemons said Bennett and his wife went to Clemons’ house for dinner one night, and the two veterans talked about “going for another title” to go with the one they won together in 2013.

That’s what makes us think Bennett is not thinking of holding out. Why would he recruit Clemons to win another Super Bowl and then not show up himself?

The presence of his wife at that dinner also is a reminder of what Bennett said last year: “My wife wouldn’t let me hold out, so I had to come to work.”

As we have mentioned a couple of times, Bennett might be banking on Hendrickson handling his case as well as he took care of Marshawn Lynch’s — perhaps a minor financial fix this year and a significant extension in 2017.

As for Clemons, the 34-year-old said he is coming back as a role player, “coming in and being that third-down rusher, giving Cliff (Avril) a blow when he needs it, wherever coach needs me.”

He said he plans to help Frank Clark unleash his full pass-rush potential.

“Pete and John and I talked about (Clark), talked about his athletic ability, the way he can play the game,” Clemons said. “It’s a matter of him settling down and getting in the playbook to understand what they actually want from him. That’ll be something I will have a conversation about to get him to understand what it’s going to take to win the Super Bowl.”

While Clemons is back, Lynch is gone. And he has been keeping very busy. The most recent appearance came at a community event in Oakland, with former President Bill Clinton.


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