Carroll: No reports on Wilson deal are correct

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson plan to be clapping about their offense a lot this season (Getty Images)If Pete Carroll is to be taken at his absolute word, we can infer three things about Russell Wilson’s contract extension:

1 — It is not close to being finished.

2 — Wilson will not play out his rookie contract.

3 — His deal will not be fully guaranteed.

At the owners meetings on Wednesday, Carroll basically shot down all reports about Wilson talks, saying, “There are no big claims about what we are doing that have been made that are accurate.’’

That clearly was directed at ESPN, which reported last week that the sides were close to a deal, and at CBS, which reported this week that talks “have gone nowhere” and Wilson probably would play out the final year of his rookie contract. It also might have been a refutation of speculation that the Hawks will guarantee all of Wilson’s contract.

Carroll seems very upbeat about negotiations, which John Schneider indicated have been on hold since the Combine but are about to pick up again.

Carroll said, “It’s tracking very well. It’s been a process that we have laid out. It’s really putting all the pieces together in due time, and it’s happening very well. We have continued concerns about putting it together with some of the guys as well as Russell, but it’s been a big focus for us and the timing is coming.”

Earlier in the week, Schneider said the Seahawks would resume talks with agents for Wilson and Bobby Wagner — and perhaps even Russell Okung — very soon. The thought is that the Hawks are aiming to get one or two extensions done before the draft, just as they did with Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman last year.

“It’s a long process,” Carroll said. “It’s extraordinary ramifications and it’s ongoing and we’ve had great talks. The timing of it has been handled beautifully. Expectations of the timing are clear. Everybody knows what is going on and it’s clear, and we’ll see what happens. There is so much magnitude in this deal and it affects so much, and we are very well prepared, and it is almost that time.’’


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