Will Lynch come back for more (money and titles)?

Marshawn Lynch runs against the Packers in the NFC title game (Seahawks.com)It looks like it’s all up to Marshawn Lynch now: He can retire and walk into the sunset after the Super Bowl or come back for more — more money, more titles.

At midseason, there were many rumblings that the Seahawks and Lynch were ready to move on from one another. Coach Pete Carroll admitted Lynch was still upset over his contract and said, “We are working through it.”

Well, if a report by NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport is to be believed, the Hawks have worked through it and are now interested in giving Lynch a contract extension.

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Want to know why the Seahawks will win?

Super Bowl XLIX

A year ago, wise football followers knew Seattle was going to beat Denver in the Super Bowl. After all, defense wins championships, and Seattle had the No. 1 defense in the NFL.

Of course, the way it happened was astonishing — with the Seahawks’ defense shutting out the most prolific offense in NFL history for most of the game and Seattle running away with the win, 43-8.

It is hard to imagine the Hawks doing the same thing to the Patriots in this Super Bowl. But, Seattle again has the No. 1 defense in the league and — despite the Legion of Boom being banged up — that unit largely has played even better than the 2013 version.

Wise football followers once again know the Seahawks are going to win. The only question is: How will it happen?

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