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After 37, Schneider needs to trade up

NFL draftJohn Schneider may be “back in the draft,” but he still has a bunch of maneuvering to do.

He has just two picks today and needs to try to turn that into three or four. You know he wants to, because he previously mentioned there is a big drop in talent from Round 3 to Round 4.

Seattle has selections 37 and 92 — along with four fourths, two fifths and a bevy of 2020 picks — and should be able to move around.

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Draft day live: Hawks trade down twice, add pass rusher Collier

NFL draft8:45 p.m.: Picking at 29 and 30, the Seahawks used 29 to draft TCU pass rusher L.J. Collier and moved out of the 30th spot, dropping to 37th and getting a fourth and fifth from the Giants.

Most of the top pass rushers were gone after the Hawks traded down from 21; their only other options were offensive linemen or cornerbacks. But they wanted to make sure they got a pass rusher.

Collier was considered a second-round prospect (ranked in the 50s) and didn’t really fit Seattle’s athletic profile, but he’s strong and versatile and has been compared to Michael Bennett.

Pete Carroll called him “a lot like Michael Bennett. … He has a nice pass rush bag of tricks.”

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What if the Hawks do trade Clark?

NFL draftAll signs point to the Seahawks trading Frank Clark by Thursday. If they do, what are they going to do about their pass rush?

Kansas City is the team everyone thinks might trade for him, giving up the 29th overall pick and the 63rd to satisfy Seattle’s demand for a first and second. The Colts, who could give up 26 and 59, are another option. (Both the Chiefs and Colts have two second-round picks.)

If the Hawks made a deal with either of those clubs, it would give them the flexibility to use one first-rounder for a player and the other for their usual snowball trade that nets several picks and lands them in the second round.

But trading Clark just to avoid paying him would be a major gamble for a team that fancies itself a contender again. And Seattle would need a plan for replacing him.

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