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After same start as 2016, will Wilson run more?

Logo -- San FranciscoThe Seahawks are off to the same poor start on offense as 2016, and it’s really up to Russell Wilson to decide whether they take basically the same course as last season or do it better.

In 2016, Seattle scored one touchdown in 22 possessions vs. Miami and the L.A. Rams. This year, the Seahawks have one TD in 21 possessions vs. Green Bay and San Francisco.

In 2016, with new starters at four line spots, running backs averaged just 3.2 yards per rush in the first two games (149 yards on 47 carries), and the line gave up five sacks and 18 QB hits. This year, again with new starters at four line positions, running backs are averaging 3.6 yards per attempt (147 yards on 41 carries), and Wilson has been sacked six times and hit 17.

The Hawks converted 31 percent of their third downs (9 of 29) in Games 1 and 2 in 2016; they are at 35.5 percent (11 of 31) this year.

As you can see, it’s almost a carbon copy. The big difference: Wilson is healthy. Will the Seahawks use that to their advantage?

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How the roster looks as summer starts

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson plan to be clapping about their offense a lot this season (Getty Images)The Seahawks embarked on their summer vacation in high spirits — all the apparent negativity of last season and this offseason seemingly dissolved in a big pool of love and happiness. And they seem very focused.

As the Hawks conducted their minicamp last week, we heard nothing but positive things from Seattle’s top defenders. Earl Thomas is healthy again, in mind and body. Kam Chancellor has polished up his once-dented leadership armor. Richard Sherman sounded like a team player again. And Michael Bennett is physically lighter but still philosophically heavy.

The players seemed of one accord, ready to get back on the Super track. And Pete Carroll said his team is as mentally sharp as it ever has been heading into summer.

“I think we had our most compliant OTA season and really proud of that, finally,” he said, referring to penalties levied against his club for overdoing it in past years. “Old dog, new tricks, man. It was hard. But we finally figured it out. And, in doing so, we were able to up the reps that we got on guys.

“I think we’re the smartest we’ve been coming out of this camp than any of the past years. We’ve had the most situation work. We’ve had the chance to put guys in all variety of spots that they have to think and make decisions and choose how they play and fit in with us. So we just feel like we’ve made a lot of movement forward. We have a lot of stuff to get done in camp that does not fit this time of year. This is OTA football. Not real football. That will come.”

Before it does, let’s take a look at how the roster stands …

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Seahawks aren’t nearly as naïve about weight as they once were

Logo -- Free agencyThe two hefty takeaways from the Seahawks’ signing of Eddie Lacy were: (1) They want him to pound the ball; (2) they want him to drop some pounds first.

To that end, the team instituted $385,000 in weight clauses for the running back — giving him specific targets from May through the season.

As Pete Carroll said, “We have a real plan for this or we wouldn’t have done it.”

Weight clauses are nothing new in the NFL, but the way they are handled certainly has changed — for teams like Seattle anyway.

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Hawks after one week: Better or worse?

Logo -- Free agencyThe Seahawks dominated the NFL news cycle on Friday, signing four players, bringing in four for visits and finding themselves facing the prospect of having to deal with the possible return of Marshawn Lynch.

It was a busy day to cap the first full week of the league year, which has seen the Seahawks focus intently on improving their running attack while also trying to fill holes in their defense.

The Seahawks so far have lost four players, re-signed three and added four. None of their losses — Steven Hauschka, Brock Coyle, Damontre Moore, John Jenkins — have been very significant. But there’s also no guarantee that any of their additions will make them much better than the 10-win team that fizzled out of the playoffs in Atlanta.

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Carroll: ‘I want to be physical’

Logo -- Free agencyIn his radio interviews Tuesday, Pete Carroll stated what already has become very clear in the first week of free agency: The Seahawks are going to get back to their ground-and-pound ways.

The signings of Luke Joeckel and Eddie Lacy, along with the hot pursuit of T.J. Lang, were clear signs the Hawks want to get their running game in gear again, and Carroll has made that his No. 1 offseason priority.

“I want to be physical,” he told KJR’s Ian Furness. “I want to make sure that everybody that plays us has to get ready for a hard-nosed football game at the line of scrimmage.

“When our running game is right and we’re balanced out, we’re the most dangerous team,” he added. “I’m going to do everything I can to keep it that way.”

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Did the Seahawks get this Eddie Lacy?

Here are some of Eddie Lacy’s runs from the NFC title game in January 2015 — the game in which the Seahawks rallied to beat Lacy and the Packers in overtime.

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Carroll: Lacy a ‘big guy’ who will ‘send a message’

Logo -- Free agencyEddie Lacy is a “big, tough guy who’s going to send a message” as the Seahawks look to get their running game back on track, Pete Carroll said today.

“We’ve respected his play for years,” Carroll told 710 ESPN’s John Clayton. “He’s really tough and he’s physical and a big load. He’s an exciting guy to add to the mix.”

Carroll said Lacy will mix with Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise and whoever else the Hawks have at running back when they get started. “We’ll find a good rotation to help everybody out,” Carroll said.

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Hawks can afford moves they need to make

Salary cap logoAs the Seahawks get busy trying to infuse some varsity talent into their JV offensive line and perhaps add a veteran running back, defensive tackle and safety — and then potentially address extensions for three stars — plenty of fans are wondering just how much of this they can afford.

The short answer: All of it.

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Hawks checking out flawed free agents

Logo -- Free agencyThe Seahawks were way too young on the offensive line in 2016, and they went through far too many running backs. Those were both major contributing factors to their failure to go beyond the divisional round for the second straight year.

Their solution: Bring in a bunch of flawed veteran linemen and backs.

They reportedly are going to sign Luke Joeckel, a former No. 2 overall draft pick who is coming off a bad knee injury. They also apparently are planning to host T.J. Lang, a 29-year-old guard coming off hip surgery; Jamaal Charles, an explosive back who can’t stay on the field; Eddie Lacy, a punishing runner who can’t control his weight; and Latavius Murray, a part-time player for Oakland.

These are the kind of guys the Hawks have to check out, because they don’t want to overspend on so-called first-tier free agents. But will any of them be worth even a discounted price?

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History favors Hawks, but what about formula for beating them?

Hawks vs Packers Bennett sacks RodgersAlmost every statistic and numerous
immeasurables point to the Seahawks beating the Packers today and advancing to the
Super Bowl for the
second straight year.

But there is a formula for beating Seattle — it’s just a question of whether it still works.

First, consider these pro-Seattle stats:

**The Seahawks’ average margin of victory in eight home wins this season was 15.4.

**The Seahawks are 9-1 at home in rematches over the past three seasons. The average margin of victory is 18.2.

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