Carroll: Lacy a ‘big guy’ who will ‘send a message’

Logo -- Free agencyEddie Lacy is a “big, tough guy who’s going to send a message” as the Seahawks look to get their running game back on track, Pete Carroll said today.

“We’ve respected his play for years,” Carroll told 710 ESPN’s John Clayton. “He’s really tough and he’s physical and a big load. He’s an exciting guy to add to the mix.”

Carroll said Lacy will mix with Thomas Rawls, C.J. Prosise and whoever else the Hawks have at running back when they get started. “We’ll find a good rotation to help everybody out,” Carroll said.

Weight has been a big issue for Lacy in his four-year NFL career, all spent in Green Bay (which drafted him in the second round in 2013). One report today said he weighed 267 for one of the teams he visited, although a picture of him at the Minneapolis airport last week made him look lighter than that.

Carroll said the Seahawks want him big — maybe around 245. “There will be a real concerted effort to make sure he’s at his very best. He’s well aware of expectations. … We have a real target for him.”

Carroll also said Lacy is going through some rehab right now — he had ankle surgery in October — and has to work to get down to the target.

“This is a chance for him to prove it and show where he is in the league,” Carroll said.

The Seahawks have given $10 million guaranteed on two one-year prove-it deals, to Lacy and Luke Joeckel.

Carroll said, “This brings out the very best in them. … Give them a chance to show where they stand and how they fit with the club moving forward.”

He also said the team expects to sign them long term next year. “We’re going to think that way until there’s reason to think otherwise.”

As for Joeckel, Carroll said he is five months into rehab from an ACL injury and is “way ahead of schedule,” on track for offseason work.

Carroll said Joeckel will work on the left side of the line, either at tackle or guard. The Seahawks thought he played very well at left guard before getting hurt last year.

As for losing T.J. Lang to Detroit, Carroll said, “We thought we had him … but he had a chance to stay home, and that won out.” Carroll said it was a surprise that Lang even considered Seattle after buying a home in Michigan.

Carroll also said the Hawks are not done trying to add experience to the line, and they apparently still were hosting running back Latavius Murray today and Jamaal Charles on Wednesday.

The Seahawks now have about $13 million in cap space, which means really about $7 million or $8 million to spend on an offensive lineman and any other free agents.


3 thoughts on “Carroll: Lacy a ‘big guy’ who will ‘send a message’”

  1. PC praised Joeckel’s play at LG last year, so maybe that’s what they have in mind. Ray Roberts says that Glowinski will never be more than just a guy — nice for depth because he can swing between G and T, but not NFL starter calibre.

    I’m warming up to the Lacy signing — they were dismal in short yardage situations last year and were zero threat to run on 2nd-and-long. Even with less-than-perfect blocking, he could make a difference there.

    Anyway, Job One in this off-season was to re-establish the running game — they’ve taken some legitimate steps in that direction. They’re also in decent position to draft a CB in the first round. Still need another veteran offensive lineman, though.


    1. I don’t see Glow as a tackle at all. Just a guard. Maybe work him at center and make him the interior backup. But I still think the Hawks really want Joeckel to win LT.

      As for the draft, I really doubt they will go CB in the first round. Just not their MO. More likely to grab the most athletic LB/Edge — a la Bruce Irvin. Also could go safety — Obi or Budda.

      I like the idea of adding Lamp though — could step right in at LG. So you could have Joeckel, Lamp, Britt, Glow/Ifedi, Ifedi/Gilliam (or a new vet)


      1. Re drafting a CB in the 1st round (or 2nd), here’s my reasoning:

        Sherman, Maxwell, Shead, Lane et al each needed a couple seasons or more to develop. Even Sherman didn’t come on strong until he was into his second season. Plus, those guys all go back before the SB win, when PCJS were building the team and the staff had time to develop players.

        With Shead’s injury and their lack of depth — and keeping the Cary Williams debacle in mind — they need a CB who is closer to NFL-ready than they typically draft. Otherwise, we’re looking at Neko Thorpe. So it wouldn’t surprise me if they used an early pick on a CB.


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