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‘We screwed that up’

“We screwed that up.” – Pete Carroll on 710 ESPN

The Seahawks’ first two games have taken the fans on an emotional rollercoaster. They had everyone’s hopes up after a great Week 1 win in Indianapolis, only to follow that up with one of the worst home losses of Russell Wilson’s career.

The pathetic 33-30 overtime loss to Tennessee was right down there with Washington in 2017 and the Giants in 2020 for Wilson’s worst home setbacks.

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Seahawks poised to have huge Day 2

NFL draftThe Seahawks are poised for a big day — one that should satisfy a couple of needs and possibly bring a couple of so-called luxury picks.

The Hawks are one of four teams with four picks today — set up to dominate the tail end of the day, with three picks in the final nine.

Pete Carroll called it “the meat part of this draft,” and John Schneider said, “It’s going to be a blast.”

“It’s huge — huge for us picking three times in the third round,” Schneider said. “We pick at 56 tomorrow, and then we have nine more picks, so that’s really exciting for us. … We feel like it’s a solid draft all the way through.”

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