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Super Bowl matchup: Browner’s a target, too

Browner and refRight after the
Patriots won the AFC title game, Brandon Browner told reporters he had envisioned meeting his former Seattle teammates in the Super Bowl.

Now he apparently wants to hurt them — or maybe not. Either way, he might want to be more concerned about what the Hawks are going to do against him.

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Super Bowl XLIX: The proving ground

Super Bowl XLIX Super Bowl XLIX — with the matchup many of us projected before the season started — will be a proving ground in so many ways for both the Seahawks and the Patriots.

Going against the man who succeeded him in New England, Pete Carroll will have a chance to prove he is every bit the coaching genius that Bill Belichick — long the NFL’s best coach — is. What better way to do it than head to head?

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Rodgers to Sherman: ‘I hope you get some work’

Hawks vs Packers Sherman all aloneGreen Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers joked to Richard Sherman about not throwing his way during the game last Thursday.

“I think I said, ‘I hope you get some work this year,'” Rodgers said on his radio show. “By that point, I knew that we hadn’t really looked to his side or thrown to his side, and I just said that to him, and I think we kind of laughed about it and went on the way.”

A lot was made about whether Sherman should be moved around rather than play exclusively on the left side, but the weekend’s games showed other top cornerbacks, such as Arizona’s Patrick Peterson and New England’s Darrelle Revis, playing one side of the field as well.

Sherman has been criticized — by Peterson and Revis, among others — for playing the left side only and not shadowing the opponent’s top receiver, so he had a response to seeing them playing it straight, too.

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