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Hawks need to stop running scared

The Seahawks have been running scared without Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde.

They ran the ball 30 times for 200 yards in the overtime loss at Arizona in Week 7, with running backs getting it 23 times for 112 yards. But Carson and Hyde were both injured (again) in that game and have not played in the three games since, during which Seattle has run the ball just 48 times (16 per game) for 153 yards (51 per game).

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Wilson’s funk continues

The Seahawks have proven over the past month that their 5-0 start was indeed a mirage and they are not Super Bowl contenders in 2020.

That has become clear after three losses in four games – all of them caused by Russell Wilson’s turnovers. And it seems very unlikely to change, even if Wilson stops playing like a rookie.

In L.A., he seemed to be afraid from the start and basically gave up in the second half. He threw two picks, ignored DK Metcalf all game, ran himself into phantom sacks, gave up on plays and let the play clock run out. The Rams were in his head.

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Despite giving games away, Hawks still in it

It has become abundantly clear by this point that the Seahawks are not good enough to beat both themselves and the opponent this season — not like they did in their recent glory years.

That was proven once again in their 36-31 loss to the Rams as the Hawks gave away yet another game with an easy-score turnover and failed again to make a harried comeback.

As expected, the Hawks were not good enough to beat the high-powered LA teams the past two weeks, so they now sit 4-5 and needing to win at least six of the final seven to make the playoffs.

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