Wilson’s funk continues

The Seahawks have proven over the past month that their 5-0 start was indeed a mirage and they are not Super Bowl contenders in 2020.

That has become clear after three losses in four games – all of them caused by Russell Wilson’s turnovers. And it seems very unlikely to change, even if Wilson stops playing like a rookie.

In L.A., he seemed to be afraid from the start and basically gave up in the second half. He threw two picks, ignored DK Metcalf all game, ran himself into phantom sacks, gave up on plays and let the play clock run out. The Rams were in his head.

Wilson has gotten worse and worse over the past month, and this was easily his rock-bottom game. Yeah, the Rams have a good defense and the Seattle offensive line had some trouble against their front, as usual. Brian Schottenheimer also once again did not run the ball enough (13 RB runs) or create enough misdirection plays to help Wilson.

Wilson put way too much pressure on himself until he imploded once again. He has now turned the ball over 10 times in three losses over the past four weeks. He needs to stop thinking he needs to do everything; he needs to be more proactive, like he was early in the season; and he needs to stop turning the ball over like he’s a rookie.  

He knows it, saying after the latest debacle, “I’ve just got to get better. I’m not going to make it overly complicated. It’s not on anybody but me. I put it on my shoulders, and we’ll get it fixed.”

His first chance comes Thursday in a rematch with Arizona, which beat Buffalo 32-30 on a 43-yard TD pass from Kyler Murray to DeAndre Hopkins in the final 10 seconds. As Seattle has faded behind Wilson’s poor play, Arizona has risen behind Murray.

Wilson turned the ball over three times in an overtime loss to Arizona three weeks ago. If he does that again, the Hawks will drop essentially two games behind the Cardinals based on the sweep.

They still would have a good shot at 11 wins, per our preseason predictions (which had Seattle at 5-4 at this point), but the division and top seed could be tough to chase down.

Wilson has never lost three straight games in his career. Can he avoid it again and keep the Hawks from falling to the back of the NFC playoff pack?  


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