Despite giving games away, Hawks still in it

It has become abundantly clear by this point that the Seahawks are not good enough to beat both themselves and the opponent this season — not like they did in their recent glory years.

That was proven once again in their 36-31 loss to the Rams as the Hawks gave away yet another game with an easy-score turnover and failed again to make a harried comeback.

As expected, the Hawks were not good enough to beat the high-powered LA teams the past two weeks, so they now sit 4-5 and needing to win at least six of the final seven to make the playoffs.

Ignore the postgame pessimism of many fans. The Hawks are completely capable of repeating their 2012 and 2015 rallies from 4-4 to make the playoffs. And they basically hold their destiny in their own hands as they face fellow wild-card contenders Green Bay (4-4-1), Carolina (6-3) and Minnesota (5-3-1) down the stretch.

The Hawks clearly are not Super Bowl contenders this year, but they have proven they are a lot more competitive than many expected. If not for their poor passing offense handing touchdowns to opponents and failing to make clutch plays, the Hawks could be 7-2 or better.

If they stop making those horrible game-turning mistakes, they should be able to make a run into the postseason — even with a defense that has no pass rush and can’t consistently stop the run.

There’s way too much season left to think it is finished after a couple of losses to two of the league’s best teams.


One thought on “Despite giving games away, Hawks still in it”

  1. Well, since they thrive on being backed into a corner down 2 scores….this is right where they want to be. I can see it coming down to a win and they are in week 17 but juuuuuuuust coming up short like usual to the Cards.


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