Schneider on Adams contract: ‘We’re glad to get it done’

Not counting gameday radio quick-hitters, you can count on three or four fingers the number of times a year John Schneider speaks publicly: At the Combine, the week before the draft and right after the draft.

Rich Eisen added another interview today and got a little from Schneider on the Jamal Adams deal, Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and more.

Schneider repeated what Carroll said: The Seahawks always planned to extend Adams, who signed a four-year, $70 million deal this week.

“We’re glad to get it done” the GM said. “When we traded for him last year, we promised him … that we’d extend him in the offseason. It was a long process; but, at the end of the day, we got there. We’re extremely excited.

“He’s a very unique player. Brings a huge energy and (is) great for the locker room.”

Schneider then once again addressed the Russell Wilson drama of the offseason. He chalked up Wilson’s comments to the quarterback trying to evaluate what went wrong right after the emotional and disappointing end to the season.

Asked what he thinks about Wilson having input into personnel moves, Schneider said, “We’re a wide-open organization (with) no walls. … We all work together.

“Guys especially that are so passionate about studying like a Bobby Wagner or a Russell Wilson, they watch so much film, they’re in the mix. They can tell you things that other people can’t necessarily tell you. That’s why I like having former players on our staff as well, because they can tell you certain things we may not see or where our blind spots are.

“That doesn’t mean you’re always going to agree. You listen, you communicate. At the end of the day, people (i.e., Schneider and Carroll) have to make decisions. My job is to listen, work with Pete and keep steering the ship the way we have.”

In case you didn’t think Schneider actually runs the Seahawks’ draft, here’s a great story from when they moved into the bottom of the second round to draft DK Metcalf in 2019.

Carroll: “John, we’re on the clock again?”

Schneider: “Yeah, we just traded with New England. We’re going to take Metcalf right here.”

A giddy Carroll: “Metcalf’s going to be on our team?!”

Schneider: “Yeah, we’re going to take him right here.”

Then Carroll to the others in the draft room: “Hey guys, we’re taking Metcalf! We got Metcalf!”

Schneider also called Tyler Lockett “one of the most underrated players in the (NFL). … It was a big re-sign for us this year to extend him.”

Schneider also talked about his role during the preseason, offered a funny contrast of offices to explain how he and Carroll work differently and said he has no reason to think Carroll will stop coaching any time soon.

Check out the full interview.


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