Diggs will be back, with insurance

Everyone was so excited Tuesday to see which third-stringers would make the Seahawks, but the big news was Quandre Diggs assuaging any concerns that he might extend his so-called “hold-in” and sit out games.

Diggs reportedly is getting an insurance policy, and he said he will be ready to go soon.

“As soon as this little business thing (is) done — signed, sealed, delivered — I’ll be back at practice,” Diggs said. “I think it should be cleared up pretty soon. Me and my team are handling that. At the end of the day, I’m grateful to be a Seahawk and I’m going to be here. I think I’ll be out there ready to play the first game of the season.”

Diggs said he has talked with Pete Carroll about the situation.

“Me and Pete, we had a talk. So, the front office, everybody upstairs, understands,” Diggs said. “My coaches, my teammates, they all understand. So I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

But a big deal is certainly what the Pro Bowl safety wants, and the team is expected to discuss one with him after the season. Jamal Adams gave his two cents about it after his $70 million deal was done.

“He deserves it, man, and hopefully we can get that done,” Adams said. “I’m not the GM, so I don’t know when. His time is going to come, and they are going to do right by him.”

So what is right? Well, that insurance policy could have a lot to say about it.

Policies like that are formulated based on a projected market value for the player, who typically gets 60 percent of that value in a payout if an injury ruins his future worth.

Diggs, coming off his first Pro Bowl, should be valued around $14 million a year (top eight among safety contracts) by his insurance company (Lloyd’s of London?). If interested, Seattle might be thinking more like $10 million, so middle ground would be $12 million.

As we have said previously, John Schneider and cap manager Matt Thomas surely are concerned about the uncertain NFL salary cap in 2022, and that is why they want to wait on new deals for Diggs and Duane Brown.

In the meantime, we now know Diggs will be on the field Sept. 12 – and Brown likely will be there, too.

Oh, as for those roster cuts, here’s what we thought:


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