Antonio Brown? AB-solutely not

As the Seahawks come off their bye, they are making some expected additions. But there is one they AB-solutely should not make.

Pete Carroll said they are checking into soon-to-be-unsuspended Antonio Brown – a fABulously stupid idea. This is at least the third time the Seahawks have been linked to the headcase receiver. We can only hope it is the last and they aren’t serious.

Carroll explained it thus: “We have endeavored to be in on everything that’s going on and John (Schneider) has done a marvelous job of always being tuned in to what’s happening. And this is no exception. So we’ll see what happens as we go forward. But we’re tuned in to what’s happening there.

“Let’s wait and see what happens and all that. We do all of the homework we can think of doing. We will never think that we can leave a stone unturned. That’s how we approach everything. So we’ll continue to do that here.”

The Hawks would be major chuckleheads if they signed Brown – and they would get blasted by many fans, rightfully.

Brown has been accused of sexual assaults among his many other transgressions – on and off the field. He is still being investigated by the NFL over the sexual assault allegations and could be disciplined again.

Russell Wilson apparently has been friends with Brown for a few years. That’s fine. Be a friend and help the guy through his mental health issues. But, at age 31, Wilson should be wise enough to know better than to add a troubled, toxic guy like that to the team.

Bobby Wagner said he does not know Brown, but he seemed to indicate Seattle didn’t need to add him: “I don’t know if I have an opinion on someone who’s not here yet. I know that we have a great group of guys, and I’m confident in the group of guys we have.”

And we’re confident it would be a huge mistake to sign Brown, who would be the second coming of Percy Harvin and would create major problems even in a short stint. There’s no reason for Carroll to make that mistake, and it will be extremely disappointing if he does.  

The Hawks have other positional needs, and here are some thoughts on the personnel moves they are making this week:

Mychal Kendricks is back again – not a surprise since Carroll loves him. He still has to work into football shape, coming off an ACL injury a year ago. But, with his sentencing on insider trading pushed back yet again, now apparently to January, he’s a nice luxury addition. No hurry to bring him up from the practice squad any time soon, especially with Jordyn Brooks coming back from a knee injury that sidelined him for two games.

Jamal Adams (groin) might not be back this week. The team is being cautious. But the longer he stays out, the longer it will take the secondary to try to get it together. Quandre Diggs pointed that out: “Being around each other more, playing live bullets, I definitely think that would help.”

Quinton Dunbar’s availability also figures to be sketchy the rest of the season as he struggles through a knee injury, so it’s possible this secondary will never really get it together.

The secondary will get Damarious Randall full time now, as Lano Hill (back) goes on IR. The Hawks have some good veteran help building up with Randall, Kendricks and Damon Harrison. They also added seven-year vet Ray-Ray Armstrong to the practice squad. Now all they need is a stud veteran pass rusher. (They had yet another chance to go after Yannick Ngakoue, who was traded again. Schneider obviously had no interest in giving up the picks, a third and conditional fifth, and money for him.)

Diggs on recruiting Harrison, his former Detroit teammate: “You can’t do anything but talk this place up. … It’s been awesome.” Harrison reportedly has declined offers from Tampa Bay and Miami, who both have tried to sign him off the Seattle PS. Harrison clearly prefers playing with his friend Diggs for the 5-0 Seahawks. He knew he had to work his way into shape, and this could be the week we see him.

As for receivers on the roster, Phillip Dorsett is close to coming off IR, but there is no word on Josh Gordon. Carroll said they signed Gordon not knowing anything about his suspension status – and they still know nothing. No surprise. He has long fought drug addiction and alcoholism – tough demons to beat for anyone, let alone for a star athlete who has been coddled since he was in high school. His contract should toll to 2021 if he is not removed from the suspended list this season, so the Hawks are likely to just wait it out.

Rookie Stephen Sullivan, drafted as a tight end, has been working as a pass rusher for a few weeks. He apparently was a good pass rusher in high school. Ken Norton said: “He’s got the length and speed and look of great pass rushers.” This is a long-term project, so don’t get too excited.


One thought on “Antonio Brown? AB-solutely not”

  1. The question that they *should* be asking about AB is, “Based on what we know, do we want to take responsibility for bringing this guy into the community.” Every team should ask that about every player.


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