Trade Wilson? Schneider never deals his stars

Wilson and SchneiderThe Seahawks don’t want to trade Russell Wilson, and Wilson doesn’t want to be traded. Yet the ridiculous rumors continue that Seattle might move its franchise quarterback.

ESPN’s football reporters keep talking about the possibility, and recent Raiders coach Jack Del Rio chimed in about it. Jason La Canfora, whose reports about Wilson’s contract have all been negative, posited some trade ideas from “a smart football guy.” And Pro Football Talk, similarly pessimistic about a deal, offered teams that should call Seattle.

All of those people are forgetting one thing: John Schneider NEVER trades a premier player when he has any value. He keeps him to the bitter end. So it would be a stunner if he even considered dealing Wilson.

Remember: Schneider declined to trade holdout Kam Chancellor in 2015 or 2016, when he might have netted at least a second-rounder. And the GM talked to teams about trading Richard Sherman in 2017 and Earl Thomas in 2018, but he held out for first-rounders (or more) and got nothing when each was injured. The one defensive star he did trade, Michael Bennett, netted less than he should have (a fifth rather than the third the Patriots offered later).

Even if Schneider were willing to consider trading Wilson, the price for his franchise quarterback would (and should) be so exorbitant that no one would want to do it. Would some team really want to give up the equivalent of three first-round picks?

Would Jon Gruden’s Raiders want to give up Derek Carr and two of their three firsts? Would Tennessee want to give up Marcus Mariota and its first-rounders in 2019 and 2020?

And would Wilson even want to sign an extension with either of those clubs? He basically has the power to nix any trade, because no team will trade for him unless he signs to stick around.

It’s hard to imagine any team giving up all of that for Wilson anyway. It’s much easier to imagine Wilson signing an extension with Seattle.

As Schneider told 710 ESPN, “Every offseason we have several guys that we like to extend and take care of. We’d like some guys to be here a real long time, and obviously our franchise quarterback is one of them.”

We keep hearing this stupid rhetoric that “having a QB on a rookie contract is the best way to win,” and it’s annoying because it is irrelevant to Seattle’s situation. Sure, Seattle won a Super Bowl when Wilson was on his rookie deal. But, the Seahawks aren’t paying seven star defenders anymore; they have the cap space to pay their current stars — Wilson, Frank Clark, Bobby Wagner and Jarran Reed. And they should.

As Schneider said, “Several years ago people were like, ‘There’s no way you guys can keep Kam and Earl and Sherm; there’s no way that thing can stay together.’ … We just continued to work our process and work through it, and that worked out. So I see that happening the same way.”

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