CHAWK LINES -- Sherman returnsRichard Sherman’s return to Seattle is one of the bigger reunion games the Seahawks — or any of the city’s teams — has ever had. Here’s a look at everything being said about it:

Doug Baldwin still hates the way Sherman’s Seattle career ended. Might have to recycle this quote next year if/when Baldwin leaves.

Bobby Wagner had some great good-natured digs at Sherman. Pete Carroll called him a “challenge” to coach but also expressed great respect for Sherman. Shaquill Griffin admires Sherman for mentoring him last year: “That wasn’t in his job description. He didn’t have to do that.”

Sherman basically stuck to the same criticisms of Seattle he made when he was cut. And he also made clear what he thinks of Russell Wilson as a QB (ICYMI: They’re not buds).

Some things never change: Sherman is still calling out others for failing to do their jobs.

There seem to be a lot of different opinions of how fans should react to Sherman. Our reaction: Shrug.

Remember that Sherman was on the trade block in 2017, before getting injured and then simply released.

We predicted in 2017 that Sherman’s attitude would earn him a pink slip in 2018, although we thought it would be via trade (can’t account for value-killing injuries).

Here’s what we wrote when he was surprisingly cut (we were against that move because they got nothing in return).

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