Sherman trade watch

In 2017, the Seahawks fielded offers for All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, who reportedly asked for a trade after the 2016 season.

The Seahawks reportedly were requiring a first-rounder and a third or fourth — no team wanted to pay that.

With the Achilles injury he suffered during the 2017 season, his trade value was minimal as the 2018 offseason began.

On March 7, 2018, Sherman sent goodbye texts to teammates and his mother posted on Facebook that he was no longer going to play for Seattle. In a phone conversation that day, John Schneider apparently had told him they were going to release him.

On March 9, the team released Sherman.

What Pete Carroll said in 2017:

May 4: “There (are) always opportunities to trade. We would say that everybody’s untouchable but we always have to listen to the opportunities … to compete to make our team better. … But the likelihood (of Sherman being traded) is like zero percent, it seems like. Teams don’t want to give up stuff; they don’t want to trade at times like this and it’s really hard to navigate through a trade with experienced players during draft time. It just doesn’t happen very often.”

“He’s talked really clearly about his focus going forward. He wants to really recapture the intensity that he’s always brought and he feels like he can do that. Really he adjusted some two or three years ago and I think it’s time for us to continue to dig into him and make sure that he’s really at the height of his game intensity-wise. That may worry you guys, it doesn’t worry me at all.”

March 2: “There have been some teams that have called, and so we have talked about it. But he is extremely important to our football team. I don’t see anything happening at all. I don’t see anything happening with any of our players, just the banter that’s out there right now. But it has been talked about. He is a great player and he can impact a team. I can see why people would be interested in him.”

What John Schneider said:

April 24: “Right now we’ve kind of moved past it, and if somebody calls and goes crazy with something … like, give you compensation where it’s something where you really, truly have to think about it and consider it, then we would have to consider it. And we could consider it because, like I said, it’s been a mutual thing. It’s OK. And we feel like it would clear cap room and we would be able to get younger, but that’s the only reason we’d do it. I mean, the guy’s one of the top cornerbacks in the league. You don’t just give him away.

“It’s one of those things like if it works out, it works out. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out and everybody’s OK with it. He met with Pete last week; they had another great conversation. Richard may see (a trade) as a fresh start for him, and we may see it as a way to clear some cap room and get younger, but neither side is super urgent about it.”

April 20: “We have a lot of respect for Richard, Richard has a lot of respect for us and we’re constantly communicating. Right now, I don’t think the odds are very good, but if somebody comes cruising along and something happens and we do something, it happens. … I talked to him this evening. So it’s cool. Everything’s fine, and I just think that the only reason we would do it to basically create some cap room and try to become a younger football team. But that’s just one option.”

April 5: “This isn’t a secret like this just came out of nowhere. People find things out and we’re not going to lie to each other and we’re not going to BS each other. It’s going to be all laid out, and like I said, that doesn’t happen everywhere. … It’s just open communication. He knows what’s going on. We know what’s going on. I don’t know if anything would ever happen, but like I tell people all the time, 98 percent of the deals that we’re involved with, we don’t follow through with. But at least we’ve opened that door, gone down the road and seen what’s behind Door A or Door B.”

March 1: “I think everybody has bad days. Congratulations if you don’t. But, no, we love him. He’s an elite player.”

What Sherman said:

April 24: “Just doing what I’ve always done. Not worried either way.”

April 6: “Very little chance it happens, but both sides are listening. I honestly don’t have much more to say about it than what I’ve already said. We have a great relationship. … There is a lot of love and respect. There is no bad blood.”

March 30: “I wouldn’t want to leave this city and my guys, but I understand it’s a business and organizational philosophies change.”

March 25: “I just laugh it off, man. It’s funny to me. But sometimes people need to see you gone to realize what you had. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. But I don’t let things like that bother me. The chips will fall how they’re supposed to.”

The Dolphins reportedly made several attempts to trade for Sherman, but they obviously didn’t offer enough at the right time.

Pete Carroll said the chances of a trade are “like zero percent” right now. But he also said there are “always opportunities to trade.”

Sherman reportedly wants to be traded to the New England Patriots. Of course, the Patriots have shown no obvious interest since they signed Stephon Gilmore. Any deal would have to include a high 2018 pick.

John Schneider said “we’ve kind of moved past” trading Sherman, who reported for workouts Monday.

John Schneider repeated that the team is open to trading Sherman, but he said odds are against it and the relationship between team and player is great. “He’s looking for maybe a new spark and he’s either going to find that here in Seattle or he would find it somewhere else, but odds are he’s going to find it here.”

Emotions have cooled since last season, with both sides reportedly fine continuing on together.

Sherman reportedly asked for a trade and is involved in trade talks.

The Seahawks ideally want a first and third for Sherman.

John Schneider reiterated Pete Carroll’s comments about the Seahawks being open to trading Sherman. Schneider called the possibility “real” but also echoed Carroll’s thought that a deal seems unlikely.

Sherman responded via MMQB, saying, “There is no bad blood.”

The Seahawks reportedly are being proactive about dealing Sherman as well.

The Patriots reportedly are interested — but seem like a long shot. Another report said the Patriots are not interested. They probably were before they signed Stephon Gilmore.

The Tennessee Titans, who have two first-round picks, seem to be the best match, considering their combination of draft capital, cap space and need.

Sherman’s brother said, “This is a new chip Richard is going to use.” Like Sherman needs more chips on his shoulder.

The draft might be the best time to make this move.

A few stats that show why trading Sherman might be crazy — but also why other teams would want him.

What is the motivation for possibly trading Sherman?

We think it is mainly that Sherman refuses to be a team player.

Others think the Hawks are looking at saving money.

Others think they are trying to get younger.

Others think Sherman is on the decline.

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