Topic of the day: Quarterbacks

Draft -- Schneider and CarrollQuarterbacks were the topic of the day for Pete Carroll and John Schneider on Thursday. The gist of their individual messages: Colin Kaepernick still could be an option (don’t count on it), Russell Wilson’s contract is not a problem (it really isn’t) and Schneider feels like he has done a poor job of acquiring quarterbacks behind Wilson (he has).

In separate interviews, Carroll and Schneider were asked about the recent Kaepernick brouhaha, and both waved off the protest topic and gave lip-service answers about their level of interest.

“We are in everything and we never close the door,” Schneider told reporters at his annual Ben’s Fund event. “We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we closed the door on things and didn’t keep an open mind on everything.’’

“We’re still battling in all areas,” Carroll told KJR. “We’re still looking at all of our options. The quarterback thing is important to us. … We want to work to be as competitive as we can. Whether (Kaepernick) factors in or not, we’ll find out. The discussion and the opportunity is still open. … We’ll see how that goes.”

Asked about Kaepernick’s anthem protests, Carroll said, “I’m not going there because … I haven’t talked to him yet. So I don’t know anything about where he’s coming from or what his perspective is on this stuff. John has talked to his representation some, but I haven’t.”

While Carroll said there is still strong support from him and the team for social concerns, he did say he felt “there’s a different perspective about this now” and “we all feel like we’d like to get our focus on ball.” This jibes with what we have been saying about Carroll wanting to eliminate distractions this year.

Meanwhile, some oddly have been focused on Wilson’s contract, even though it still runs for two more seasons.

“I don’t see any priority in that at all,” Carroll said. “When it’s appropriate, we’ll be talking. I’m not worried about that at all.”

There seems to be some sentiment that the Seahawks need to find a new QB so they can avoid paying Wilson. It’s such a stupid thought, and Carroll obviously thinks so, too.

“This (paying a franchise QB top dollar) is the normal transition that happens. We’re not surprised,” Carroll said, pointing out Wilson is not the only player who has been paid big money by the team. “We’re tuned into this and we’re managing it. We’re functioning well and we’re able to find players we like.”

Speaking of finding players, someone in Wilson’s camp reportedly was concerned about Schneider going to top QB prospect Josh Allen’s Pro Day. Whether it was at Wilson’s behest or just one of his crew being dumb, it became another silly topic for Schneider to address.

He explained that he was just doing his job by scouting Allen (duh), but the most important point he made was this: He has failed in developing QBs behind Wilson. Very true.

He mentioned all of the QBs — Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Ty Detmer, Aaron Brooks — the Packers developed behind Brett Favre. Schneider, who learned behind Packers GM Ron Wolf, has drafted only one QB (Wilson, of course) in his eight drafts with Seattle.

“I don’t feel like we, me personally, have done a good enough job of continuing to acquire quarterbacks all the way through,” Schneider said. An obvious understatement.

He had a great chance to add a developmental guy in 2015, but he passed on Brett Hundley, who ended up in — yep — Green Bay. (Seattle wasted a pick on Terry Poole instead.)

It’s nice Schneider recognizes his failure, but don’t expect him to draft a QB this year either. He will have his hands full trying to move down to get some Day 2 picks to help fill other holes in the roster.


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