Bennett trade will not be voided

No, the Seahawks are not going to have to take back Michael Bennett in a trade void.

That’s the quick answer to questions posed by fans of both the Eagles and Seahawks in light of the indictment of Bennett on a sketchy-sounding assault charge over an incident at Super Bowl LI.

Some conspiracy-theory fools have insinuated that the Seahawks knew about the case and tried to scam the Eagles. That is pure nonsense, of course. John Schneider does not play like that, and everyone in the NFL knows it (even if some fans and media do not).

The indictment was news to both the Seahawks and Eagles. If Schneider had known about it, he would have at least disclosed the possibility to the Eagles.

So, no, the Eagles are not going to contest the trade and it will not be voided.

As for the case itself, Bennett’s sister said she has video evidence that contradicts the claims of Houston police, who do not have video. Houston’s police chief said a cop witnessed the assault, so why was no arrest made at that moment? That makes the indictment dubious from the get-go. Either way, if Ashley Bennett’s video is as revealing as she hints, we will know the truth shortly.


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