Seahawks showing their desperation

Logo -- Free agencyThe Seahawks are desperate — and it shows.

So desperate that they guaranteed $7 million to a lineman who played just four games in 2016 and has no proven position worth that.

Rumor had it they offered $9.5 million a year to T.J. Lang, a 29-year-old guard coming off hip surgery, but they reportedly offered just $8 million.

They missed out on Lang, certainly the more proven of the two, and apparently are 100 percent confident Luke Joeckel will start for them in 2017 — despite that fact that he busted out at left tackle in Jacksonville and then suffered an ACL injury while playing at left guard last season.

You don’t guarantee $7 million unless you fully expect the player to start every game. The $8 million total payout would put Joeckel in the middle of the NFL’s left tackle salary scale; if he ends up at left guard, it would put him in the top five; at right tackle, he would be No. 3. Considering his undistinguished four-year career, it looks like a prove-it deal at left tackle.

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