Of course Earl Thomas will be back

logo-carolinaDon’t believe an emotional tweet: Earl Thomas is not going to retire.

The 27-year-old All-Pro safety was just upset about the broken leg that ended his season.

“When you get injured, it becomes very emotional,” said Kam Chancellor, who provided the friendly fire that sidelined Thomas during Seattle’s 40-7 win over Carolina. “Sometimes you say things you might not mean. Sometimes you say things you might mean. It’s one of those things you just have to let him sit back and breathe, let him sit back and go through his process.”

Richard Sherman said, “All of us consider retirement just about every game. And when you get an injury like that, a lot of stuff goes through your mind. … I would think it’s a little bit of an exaggeration.”

Russell Wilson reiterated much the same.

But, Thomas certainly has been retired for now. It’s a tibia fracture, so expect him to go on IR and Steven Terrell to start the rest of the way.

Thomas, fresh off the first missed game of his seven-year career, was injured in the first quarter when he and Chancellor collided as Thomas was about to intercept a pass from Cam Newton.

“He ran into Kam, and Kam’s made of steel, so that’s going to hurt,” Pete Carroll said.

After his retirement tweet, Thomas sent out a more lighthearted missive directed at Chancellor: “Kam, you owe me a steak. Haha.”

Chancellor responded that he would buy Thomas three steaks if he wanted.

“I feel bad just because I was a part of that, just running into him,” Chancellor said. “But it’s football. … It’s hard to see your brother go out like that — someone you care about, someone you came into the league with, someone you look at as a brother. All I can do is send my prayers to him and to keep checking on him as he fights this battle.”


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