Wilson is becoming a legendary tough guy

at-new-orleans-logoIn 2011, Tarvaris Jackson earned major props in the Seahawks’ locker room by playing through a pectoral injury for most of the season.

Imagine the locker room cred Russell Wilson is putting together this year, playing through a high ankle sprain that should have sidelined him for several weeks, along with a sprained knee that he said was supposed to keep him out at least four weeks and now his own chest injury.

Has anyone ever won Comeback Player of the Year the same season he was injured? Wilson, showing more resilience than a regenerating five-headed hydra, certainly has been the Seahawks’ No. 1 Tough Guy.

Wilson was listed as limited in practice Wednesday and Thursday — the first time that has ever happened. But there should be no concern about him missing the game in New Orleans this Sunday — or about him playing well there.

Asked whether he could miss the game on Sunday, he said, “That’s not the plan. You know me: I will do everything I can to be ready at the highest level.

“It’s a little sore, but I think we’ll be fine and get over it, and just continue to rehab at the highest level as much as I can. The focus is just being ready for the game and trying to get there, and being 100 percent and doing as much as I can to be full force.”

As for his expected level of effectiveness, consider this: Wilson apparently was injured on a strip sack by Chandler Jones in the fourth quarter of the Arizona game and still completed 7 of 8 passes for 104 yards in overtime.

“I think that definitely gives you confidence,” he said of playing through the injury. “I think you have to be mentally tough through it. Like I said, the ultimate goal is try to find a way to win the game.”

Wilson said his ankle, injured in Week 2, is feeling much better. He said his knee injury was “relatively serious” — team medical people told him he was supposed to rest it for at least four weeks.

“You just overcome it,” he said. “I’d be lying to you if I said my mobility was 100 percent, but I feel really good right now. You just take one week at a time and you go out there and … try to find a way to continue to help our football team to win in whatever way possible.”

He is one of just six quarterbacks not to have missed a game since he entered the NFL in 2012 — a streak that will hit 71 games this weekend.

“You don’t play this game thinking you’re never going to get dinged up or injured,” he said. “I think that you always have some times when you get a little bumps and bruises, you get an ankle here and there. I’ve had some tough ones. The great thing is being able to overcome them. I look forward to overcoming the storm.”

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