Graham has answered all of the big questions

new-york-logoThe Seahawks’ trade for Jimmy Graham in 2015 was met with a lot of raised eyebrows and just about everyone critiqued Graham’s every move in the offense last season.

When he suffered a torn patellar tendon against Pittsburgh in Week 11, the critics of the deal said, “I told you so.”

They said it again as the offense took off without Graham, setting team records behind Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin.

So, as Graham came back from the injury this year, the big questions were: (1) Would he be able to return to his old self, (2) would he and Wilson find the rhythm they had just discovered when he was hurt and (3) how would his return affect Baldwin?

The wins over the Niners and Jets provided answers to all of those queries.

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Russell Wilson proved his pocket passing mettle one more time, Pete Carroll said.

Brandon Marshall beat Richard Sherman a few times, but Sherman got even with two picks.

Sherman said Marshall likes to use his hands to fend off cornerbacks, “the game within the game” Sherman had to win.

Wilson and Jimmy Graham continued to connect, with another 100-yard game.

Larry Stone wanted to rest Wilson, because he didn’t understand how great Wilson is.

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