‘How could you think’ Wilson will miss a game?

Seahawks bandagesIf you think Russell Wilson is going to miss a game with his sprained ankle, you underestimate his moxie, his toughness, his drive, his resilience.

Remember, this is a guy who has never missed a practice or a meaningful play.

As Pete Carroll told 710 ESPN on Monday, “He will make it through. How could you think otherwise?”

Wilson himself tweeted out, “See you in L.A.”

Yeah, that ankle injury Sunday looked bad – with Ndamukong Suh accidentally stepping on Wilson after he fell to the ground. But Wilson didn’t miss a play, and he seemed to gain more confidence on the ankle as the fourth quarter progressed. He even scrambled once.

After the game, he said he joked to coaches that he was giving them a preview of how he will look when he is 43-45 years old. He also said he wanted to prove he can play from the pocket, a la Tom Brady.

They have done all of the typical tests, and Carroll said there is no serious issue and it is just a matter of Wilson managing the injury through the week. Maybe a little Recovery Water?

“He’s going to do everything he can to get back,” Carroll said.

Some will suggest the Hawks should rest Wilson against the tough Rams defense, but what a horrible idea. The Hawks need to win the NFC West, which means they need to sweep the Rams, which means they need Wilson – even if he’s not 100 percent.

There is a thought that the Hawks will look to bring in a veteran – there are a number of former Seahawks out there – but, if Wilson seems likely to play, there’s little point in that. Trevone Boykin could run practice for most of the week.

But there’s no way Boykin will be starting against the Rams. Wilson won’t let the ankle injury keep him out.


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