With Sweezy gone, Britt makes ‘technical jump’

Training camp logo2Justin Britt played a surprisingly good first game at center in Kansas City, earning the praise of Pete Carroll for how he handled Chiefs Pro Bowl defensive tackle Dontari Poe.

It may have been Britt’s coming-of-age moment. And one of the keys apparently was the departure of J.R. Sweezy.

While Carroll didn’t exactly say it that way, he told 710 ESPN that Britt has improved his technique and is no longer trying to be a brawler like Sweezy.

“(Britt) came off the J.R. Sweezy school of ‘Go knock the hell out of everything that’s moving,'” Carroll told 710 ESPN. “He wanted to be like J.R.”

But, with Sweezy gone to Tampa Bay (and on PUP with a back problem), Britt apparently has bought into the technique he is being taught by Tom Cable — something Sweezy never quite did, Carroll said.

“(Britt has) made a technical jump in his control of his body and his pad level — to the point where it looks like he should have been playing center all along,” Carroll said. “He just looks so natural at it. But I think it would have applied no matter where he’s playing.

“We’ve really gotten him to sit down and get his leverage in the right spot. For a big guy (6 feet 6, 315), he’s playing very low and very square. He did it in the running game; he did it in the passing game (in Kansas City). It’s an enormous accomplishment for him in such a short time.”

Britt’s conversion to center — his third position in his three NFL seasons — is a major key to the performance of the offensive line, which features new starters at all interior spots.

While Carroll appreciates the power of that group, he said it is “more important that they are targeting the right people. We need to be accurate and be positioned properly.”

That all comes down to technique, which Britt apparently has mastered now that Sweezy is gone.


One thought on “With Sweezy gone, Britt makes ‘technical jump’”

  1. Britt has mastered technique now that Seeezy is gone? Hahaha. I’ve been on here a few times saying how the line wasn’t working together last year and that was the problem not Britt(while everybody wanted to crucify Britt) Sweezy and okung were skating last year looking for inflated contracts and weren’t all in like all the guys that Tom cable has hand picked for the line this year. Think about it: 2 guys not into it. Britt switching positions, a center that does not belong in the NFL, and Gilliam who along with Britt were the only ones who bought in and the Hawks still won a playoff game. They are going to be one of the top 2-3 teams in the league without all the BS they had to deal with last year. It’s takes most players a couple years to adjust to the speed and physicality of the NFL and it does not surprise me one bit to see Justin Britt chugging along after sputtering a bit in the beginning. Can’t wait to see Mad Dog, Britt, and Ifedi thump all those guys like Kawan Short, Aaron Donald, and Linval Joseph this year. Last year was tuff and I think everybody is ready to see the Hawks score 30 points a game and hold oppenents to under 15. They have a stacked team and they could be looking at a special couple of years with most everybody under contract. Enjoy the ride 12’s and give Britt a chance


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