Chancellor’s renewed commitment: ‘It’s about a brotherhood’

Training camp logo2Kam Chancellor has changed his tune — back to the original refrain — and the rest of the Seahawks are whistling along.

The once-beloved safety lost a lot of fans with his ill-fated holdout last year, and he didn’t win too many back with his average play from Week 3 on.

He made the Pro Bowl on name recognition (as so many have over the years), but the fact is he wasn’t the same hard-hitting leader who had been a major factor in each of the previous two Super Bowl runs.

On Monday, he called his 2015 play “up and down” — which probably was an overly favorable analysis.

Asked what he learned from last year, he said, “I learned that this is a business; this is the NFL. But more importantly, it’s about a brotherhood. We started a brotherhood here, and we’ve got to continue what we’ve started. That’s the most important thing.”

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