Chancellor’s renewed commitment: ‘It’s about a brotherhood’

Training camp logo2Kam Chancellor has changed his tune — back to the original refrain — and the rest of the Seahawks are whistling along.

The once-beloved safety lost a lot of fans with his ill-fated holdout last year, and he didn’t win too many back with his average play from Week 3 on.

He made the Pro Bowl on name recognition (as so many have over the years), but the fact is he wasn’t the same hard-hitting leader who had been a major factor in each of the previous two Super Bowl runs.

On Monday, he called his 2015 play “up and down” — which probably was an overly favorable analysis.

Asked what he learned from last year, he said, “I learned that this is a business; this is the NFL. But more importantly, it’s about a brotherhood. We started a brotherhood here, and we’ve got to continue what we’ve started. That’s the most important thing.”

It’s quite a flip from his stance last summer, when he forsook the team in an effort to gain more financial security.

Pete Carroll said Saturday that Chancellor’s experience last year was a lesson.

“I think there is a real strong message in our locker room. These guys want to be part of this thing; they don’t want to be the one that disrupts it,” Carroll said. “We went through a real learning process last year with one of our great players and a great competitor with Kam, and I think he has helped people understand what that’s all about.”

Chancellor said he is stressing to teammates “how important it is to stick together. You know, it’s about each other, not about the individual.”

Again, quite a flip from last year, when he was all about the individual well into September — finally returning once he realized Paul Allen and John Schneider were not going to accommodate the individual.

Someone once told Chancellor, “What’s the point of having scars if you’re not going to share them?”

“So I took that to heart,” Chancellor said Monday. “What’s the point of me going through all these life experiences, going through all these trials and tribulations, if I’m not willing to share them and show these guys the right way?”

So, the old Kam Chancellor is back. And so is the old Super vibe.

“It feels like the (Super Bowl) XLVIII year,” he said. “It feels like everybody is bringing that intensity, feels like everybody is out to prove something.

“I think guys are out to prove that the brotherhood is still there. You know, a lot of people think that the closeness, the camaraderie, that togetherness isn’t there anymore. But it still is. So I think that’s what guys are out to prove and to show that we’re still a tightknit group and that we all have a lot to prove together, not individually but … the whole team collectively.”


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