Will Kam be to Seattle as Emmitt was to Dallas?

Kam and EmmittThe 0-2 Seahawks have an 11 percent chance to make the playoffs and a 1 percent chance to win the Super Bowl, history says (just three of 204 teams that started 0-2 have done it since the playoffs expanded in 1990).

One of those teams was the 1993 Dallas Cowboys.

Will Kam Chancellor play the role of Emmitt Smith, who similarly sat out the first two games in a contract dispute? Smith came back for Week 3 and the Cowboys won 12 of the final 14 games and earned a second straight Super Bowl win.

Chancellor didn’t get what he wanted — yet — but he decided to come back and help the Hawks get back to the Super Bowl for a third straight year.

Pete Carroll said the 6-foot-3 safety is in great shape — 226 pounds and 6 percent body fat — but will he be ready to play Sunday?

“We’re going to go with the approach that he will play, but we’re going to take it one day at a time,” Carroll said. “If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. It’ll depend on how he responds to the workload, and we’re just going to gauge it.”

Chancellor thinks he can play: “I’ve been in the same defense for five years now, so it’s pretty much the same things; we never change. We run the same stuff all the time, so it’s like clockwork, it’s like taking a bicycle around again.”

Chancellor might be like Walter Jones — the rare player who can play at a high level despite missing all of training camp. During three holdouts as a franchise player, Jones always took two or three games to get into gear, but he turned in Pro Bowl seasons each year.

The Hawks certainly would take another Pro Bowl season out of Chancellor, who then would earn an improved deal next offseason.

Either way, this seems very unlikely to turn into a Joey Galloway situation. In 1999, Mike Holmgren’s first year, Galloway held out for a new contract. He reported at midseason and was traded to Dallas the next offseason.

Carroll has no intention of dealing Chancellor: “Kam’s going to be with us for a long time. We hope he’ll always be a Seahawk, and that’s all we’ve ever thought of it; nothing’s ever changed in that. Really nothing’s ever changed in his thought of that either. We’re very much in concert about that, and we’ll look forward to a really long relationship. It’s been fantastic until now, and we’re going to just continue it.”

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