Fred Jackson was beloved in Buffalo, but he’s excited to come to Seattle, according to the Buffalo News.

Jackson said he called Marshawn Lynch and had him “put a bug” in the ears of Pete Carroll and John Schneider about signing Jackson.

Carroll said the Seahawks are not interested in trading Kam Chancellor.

Dave Boling wrote that Chancellor’s nonsensical holdout has defied his heroic persona.

If Chancellor misses the opener, it could cost him $517,647.

Remember, if Chancellor stays out all year, he still will be under contract for three more. And it will have cost him $6.55 million. The Hawks hold all of the cards for as long as they want to.

Russell Wilson worked on his speed this offseason and now runs a 4.47 40.

The Seahawks and Rams are on USA Today’s list of the five NFL teams with the biggest OL concerns. Against those stout defensive fronts, get ready for an ugly 9-6 slugfest.


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