This draft class is full of intriguing people

NFL draftThe Seahawks put together quite an anthology of dramatic stories this weekend.

They started off with the controversial pick of Frank Clark that had plenty of people ripping Pete Carroll and John Schneider. However, by the end of the draft, they had redeemed themselves by signing the inspirational Nate Boyer.

But Clark and Boyer weren’t the only guys who came to Seattle with attention-getting stories. In fact, this might be the most dramatic class Schneider has drafted.

There’s Tyler Lockett’s connection to John Schneider: His dad, Kevin, played in Kansas City when Schneider was pro personnel chief for the Chiefs.

There also is former Albanian refugee Kristjan Sokoli, who now will attempt to switch from defense to offense.

And don’t forget Obum Gwacham, the newly converted pass rusher who was born in Nigeria.

On top of all of those stories, the Seahawks made this draft a family affair, drafting Marshawn Lynch’s cousin, Oregon State safety Ryan Murphy, with their last pick and then signing Kam Chancellor’s half-brother, safety Keenan Lambert of Norfolk State.

As cool as those stories are, Boyer’s probably is the best of the bunch. His unique path to the NFL — from the Army to Texas walk-on to undrafted free agent — has become common knowledge over the past week, and Carroll and Schneider clearly thought the 34-year-old rookie would be a great addition to their young team.

“You fall in love through the process with guys and giving people opportunities for different reasons all the way through the draft,” Schneider said. “Through a good friend of mine, I have become very aware of who this guy is at his core and everything he represents. What he’s done every single year at Texas and three tours — he is just a phenomenal person. He’s a competitor, and he’s tough. He represents a lot of really, really cool things that, quite frankly, are really good for us to be around. And he runs downs down and covers kicks, so he’s really made himself a legitimate snapper in Texas. He’s not going to be afraid. He is smart, tough, and reliable.”

Carroll added: “It’s a great opportunity for us to have him in the program with his background. We cherish competitors, we cherish tough guys, we cherish guys who have overcome odds. And he has done all of that.”


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