Wilson: ‘I can’t wait to play (football) again’

Wilson HBO clipRussell Wilson has been the center of attention in Seattle all month — whether it has been talk of his contract, the recent team-building trip to Maui he organized or his talk about baseball.

His HBO interview with Bryant Gumbel caught a lot of attention due to his comments about his “dream” of playing baseball. We’ve already dismissed all of the conspiracy theories surrounding those comments, and Wilson today waved off any concerns himself, saying he is focused on his future as a football player.

“I didn’t say I was going to leave the NFL,” Wilson told ESPN’s The Herd. “I love playing the game of football. To be one of 32 men in the world who get to do what I do, it’s a special thing, and I’ve been able to play in two Super Bowls and I’m only 26 years old. That’s been a blessing.”

Contract negotiations with the Seahawks reportedly have not gone very far, and neither side is saying much.

On Wednesday, John Schneider said, “I’m not going to get into specifics on Russell’s situation other than to say that we all love Russell and we want him to be our quarterback for a long time.’’

On NFL Network, Wilson said, “I don’t talk about my contract stuff. That’s a private matter between me and the Seattle Seahawks. … I’ve always wanted to play with one team forever. But I know professional sports, so I take one day at a time. I enjoy it for what it is: To be one of 32 men in the world to get to do what I do, to be the starting quarterback of a National Football League team, it’s a tremendous honor. I just want to continue to win.”

He also reminded everyone that he told Schneider and Pete Carroll after they picked him 75th overall in 2012 that it was the best pick they had ever made. He plans to continue proving that, and that means letting go of the Super Bowl-deciding interception.

“I’ll never let one play define my career — good or bad,” he said. “You want to continue to be a consistent player throughout the whole entire career. My first three years have been a great three years. I want to continue to work (and) develop as a player and as a man.

“That play is a tough one to watch. But you also look forward to the future because you have a lot of other (plays) that are good ones to watch. I’m looking forward to the future, and I can’t wait to play again.”

His next game will come Sept. 13 at St. Louis, and that is all Wilson is looking at when it comes to Seattle’s schedule — a pretty friendly slate considering it is the fourth-toughest in the league, based on 2014 results.

“It will be a great first game,” he said of the opener vs. the Rams. “It may be a boring approach, but that’s how I approach everything — one game at a time. Each game is going to be a tough one, and we’re looking forward to that. We want to play the best teams, and we have a very, very tough schedule, and we’re looking forward to that tough schedule.”

The Hawks got a jump on preparing for it last week, when Wilson and about 30 teammates went to Maui.

Wilson said he wanted teammates to “have a nice family vacation and be invested in one another. That’s kind of the theme. We had an unbelievable week. It really prepared us physically, getting back to the plays. But also the team bonding experience …”

The last topic of the NFL Network interview was Wilson’s hosting gig for Nickelodeon “Kids’ Choice Sports Awards” on July 16.

Wilson, who was honored at the event last year, said he is looking forward to hosting.

“It’s a tremendous honor to get the kids fired up and get slimed and slime a whole bunch of athletes. I’m hoping I get to slime Derek Jeter (his co-editor at The Players’ Tribune). That would be fun.”

And there’s one more guy Wilson would like to slime, and anyone who watched Wilson’s last throw of the Super Bowl knows why: “It also would be good to get Malcolm Butler. I’d like to get him back.”


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