Baseball talk is about dreams, not contracts

Wilson HBO clipEveryone’s going gaga over Russell Wilson’s comments to HBO about wanting to play two sports, with some conspiracy theorists going so far as to claim the quarterback is trying to threaten the Seahawks amid contract negotiations.

Apparently no one paused to consider (1) Wilson was merely answering a question, (2) Wilson is not as arrogant as John Elway and (3) Wilson is not stupid.

In the preview clip for the April 21 edition of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel,” Wilson said, “You never want to kill the dream of playing two sports.”

Key word: Dream.

For the always-optimistic Wilson, baseball is a dream — and the logical part of him knows the only way he can fulfill it is on a part-time basis in the offseason. And that assumes he wants to toil in the minor leagues, as Michael Jordan once did — purely for the love of the game.

Gumbel asked what was stopping Wilson from pursuing baseball, and the quarterback said, “I may push the envelope a little bit one of these days,” and then laughed like a guy who knows his first destiny.

This was not some ploy by Wilson to drive up his price with the Seahawks.

Wilson knows football is where he will make his money. He also knows it is impossible for a quarterback to play both sports seriously and he is not major-league material. And he would not try to bluff the Seahawks as Elway did with the Colts back in 1983 — it’s too late for that kind of ploy anyway.

To think Wilson’s comments have any bearing on contract negotiations with the Seahawks is ridiculous.


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