Harvin’s unbelievable game is a good sign

Percy Harvin is tackled by Washington defenders Monday (Getty Images)
Percy Harvin is tackled by Washington defenders Monday (Getty Images)

In the season opener, the Seahawks showed just how much Percy Harvin changes their offense — creating a dynamic triple threat alongside Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

Pete Carroll promised more of Harvin, but all we had seen in the two games since were a lot of short passes and decoy plays.

But they used him a lot Monday night — even if all three of his touchdowns unbelievably were called back — and it is clear they want to keep him involved.

If you believe the box score, Harvin once again was a short-gain artist and distraction. The stats say he caught four passes for 27 yards and ran twice for seven yards, but he did a lot more than that in what turned out to be one of the most bizarre games you will ever see one player have.

By the time Harvin scored the third TD, he wasn’t even celebrating — like the rest of us, he was just looking for a flag from Jeff Triplette’s penalty-happy crew.

Two of those TDs should have counted, of course.

Harvin scored on back-to-back plays in the second quarter, but left guard James Carpenter was definitely holding on the first one. On the next play, though, the line judge was taken aback by Harvin’s quick move into motion just before the snap and called him for a false start, nullifying his blazing 26-yard touchdown run off the quick pass from Wilson.

Harvin fell victim to the Calvin Johnson curse: So talented that the officials simply cannot comprehend it.

Remember when Johnson’s one-handed touchdown catch in 2010 was overturned because he used the ball to help himself get up? That play led to a huge debate about what was and was not a catch.

The referee simply did not understand the immense talent of Johnson, who can palm a football and control it with one of his giant hands — and did so on that play.

In the case of Harvin’s quick-twitch move at the line Monday, the line judge was surprised by it and threw the flag even though no foul had been committed. Harvin’s quickness simply caught the official unawares, and the ref blew the call.

Harvin scored on a 41-yard pass play in the fourth quarter as well, but the referees called a ridiculous personal foul against Carpenter because he continued to block a player who had fallen to the ground — a call that is never made and never should have been made.

Harvin ended up with just 34 total yards and no scores, but he should have had much more — and the Hawks should have won 38-17 (at least). The good news, though, is that the Hawks tried to get him the ball more.

After he touched the ball 11 times in the opener vs. Green Bay, he had just 12 chances vs. San Diego and Denver. On Monday, the Hawks went to him 10 times — and had three TDs taken away.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game like Percy had,” Carroll said. “That would have been a phenomenal game. It was. Just unfortunately the touchdowns (were) called back. He was extraordinary. He impacted so much of this game.”

That included the return game, as the Redskins chose to kick short rather than risk Harvin getting his hands on a kickoff. The Hawks’ average starting position was the 35-yard line.

“In the kicking game, you watched them refuse to kick the ball to him and we got great field position out of those opportunities,” Carroll said. “That was really because 11 was back there. So he had a big factor in this game even though he’s not going to get the numbers to show for it.”


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