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Chawk lines 75 pct

Marshawn Lynch tells Marcus Trufant and the Barbershop fellas that he had to “RIP” one of his dreadlocks and why he was “never meant to be famous.”

See what Pete Carroll said about the win over Denver on his way out the door for the bye week.

Sean Tomlinson of Bleacher Report dissects Seattle’s dominance of Peyton Manning.

Of course, there was one drive that Manning dominated, and Doug Farrar of SI.com breaks that down in more detail.

Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times rates Seattle’s old AFC West rivalries.

After Chris Harris said Russell Wilson — a third-round pick in 2012 — is better than Andrew Luck, the No. 1 pick overall that year, plenty of folks have chimed in. Here’s what Ben Peterson of Field Gulls says.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times addresses the idea that Wilson is the NFL’s best quarterback.

Wilson is the highest-rated QB in a league that is setting records for passer rating, per Clare Farnsworth.

And Mike Tanier of Bleacher Report goes further with a historical look at major QB draft classes.

How did the Seahawks give up the tying TD?

Broncos' tying TD pass vs Seahawks
Peyton Manning (at the 33-yard line) throws a touchdown pass to Jacob Tamme after Tamme beat K.J. Wright on a double move.

One of the big mysteries surrounding Seattle’s overtime victory against Denver on Sunday was just how that game ended up in overtime anyway.

Yeah, we know Peyton Manning and the Broncos pulled off a nearly impossible task, marching 80 yards in 41 seconds with no timeouts and converting the two-point conversion to force overtime.

But how did it happen?

Pete Carroll provided the answers Monday.

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Chawk lines 75 pct

DeShawn Shead on his post-game proposal to girlfriend Jessica: “Winning the Super Bowl, I got my ring. We played the Broncos again and she got her ring after the game.”

Russell Wilson says he is “just enjoying the journey, enjoying learning” as he strives to become one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Wilson to DeMarcus Ware after the Denver pass rusher sacked him at the goal line: “You’re not going to get this ball.”

Peyton Manning talks about the tying drive and the lesson he takes from this loss to Seattle.

Brian Nemhauser offers his impressions of the Seahawks’ win over Denver, with a great stat comparison of the Super Bowl and this game.

Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN rips the Denver homer who complained about the overtime format. You tell him, Danny!

Looking ahead to the Washington Redskins in two weeks, it appears they will be without their No. 1 trash-talker, DeAngelo Hall, but they also have DeSean Jackson and some cheap-shot artists, so they are good to go.

Defense dominates Broncos — until the inexplicable final drive

Kam Chancellor breaks up a pass intended for Wes Welker in the third quarter of Seattle's win over Denver on Sept. 21 Getty)Forget the whole Super Bowl rematch thing. The Seahawks’ defense was just looking for redemption after a poor performance in the loss in San Diego.

Led by embattled safety Kam Chancellor, the defense proved its mettle for most of the game Sunday, but then the unit inexplicably gave up an 80-yard, game-tying touchdown drive to Peyton Manning in the final minute.

That left the redemption to the Seattle offense, which had basically done everything it could to give the game away in the second half. Led by Russell Wilson, the offense made up for it in overtime and let the defense off the hook in a 26-20 victory that for three quarters did not seem like it would be nearly that close.

For most of the game, the defense picked up right where it left off against Manning in the Super Bowl — making everyone realize that the San Diego game was indeed an aberration.

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Mild-mannered Wilson turns into Superman when needed most

Russell Wilson catches a pass from Jermaine Kearse in the first half against the Denver Broncos on Sept. 21 (AP)
Russell Wilson catches a pass from Jermaine Kearse in the first half against the Broncos (AP)

Russell Wilson is kind of like Superman — mild-mannered pocket quarterback on your typical offensive series, but man of steel nerves and determination when the game is on the line.

Wilson became the latter Sunday, leading the Seahawks 80 yards for the winning touchdown in their 26-20 overtime victory over the Denver Broncos.

Wilson is such a team player that he often subverts his physical skills in favor of getting the ball to his teammates. But make no mistake: He can carry a team when he needs to.

And he needed to Sunday.

After Peyton Manning somehow led the Broncos 80 yards (with no timeouts) to the tying touchdown and two-point conversion in the final minute, Wilson coolly returned the favor in overtime.

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Chawk lines 75 pct

The folks running Earl Thomas’ site give perspective to his impassioned press conference the other day in which he said he regained his “championship spirit” after the loss in San Diego.

Contrary to previous reports that had the Chargers’ receivers saying they “exposed” Richard Sherman, several Chargers expressed admiration for his ability.

Bruce Irvin apologized “to the 12th Man” for his “boneheaded play” that helped lose the game and also cost him some cash.

On to the Broncos …

Peyton Manning, 38, is in his third year in Denver, and he sounds like he will be back at least for a fourth.

Andy Benoit of MMQB predicts some of the strategies the Seahawks and Broncos will use against each other.

Denver tight end Julius Thomas is the next big challenge for Kam Chancellor and K.J. Wright.

And more …

According to this analysis, Russell Wilson is the league’s third-best two-minute quarterback.

The Seahawks aren’t the only team using a WR/RB hybrid (Percy Harvin). Danny Kelly of Field Gulls looks at the NFL trend.

Clay Travis of FOX Sports talks about the politicization of sports (the NFL) in the wake of Roger Goodell’s very politicky apologies-and-promises speech. Along the way, Travis points out that Goodell is just the scapegoat for issues that social media (and one video) have suddenly turned into bigger deals than they were 5-10 years ago.

While the media frets and frowns about a few bad NFL apples and makes it seem as if the entire league is populated by felons, Russell Wilson goes about his daily good deeds.

The things the defense had to fix this week

Kam Chancellor dives to try to tackle San Diego receiver Keenan Allen on Sept. 14 (AP)

The Seahawks’ defenders have been serious, focused, “locked in” as they prepare for their anticipated Super Bowl rematch with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

The defense melted down against Philip Rivers in the San Diego heat last Sunday, putting forth probably its worst performance since the playoff loss in Atlanta to end the 2012 season.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Chargers pulled out some tricks that the Falcons used against the Seahawks in that game, and safety Earl Thomas said that is one of the lessons the Hawks learned from their first loss of 2014.

He said the Broncos surely will take note of that chink in the armor of a defense that was the league’s best last season and dominated the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

“Obviously, they’re going to go back and see what we had trouble with in past games and even from previous years,” Thomas said. “Last week, San Diego hit us with some concepts from that Atlanta game we lost. So we’ve got to start thinking like that: How do teams want to attack us?”

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Broncos’ offense is different, still deadly

Denver tight end Julius Thomas  pulls in a touchdown pass against Kansas City on Sept. 14 (AP)The Denver Broncos who come to Seattle with revenge on their minds this weekend are not exactly the same Broncos the Seahawks demolished in the Super Bowl.

Sure, John Fox is still their coach — one of the best in the league — and they still have the legendary Peyton Manning at quarterback. But so many other things have changed.

On offense, Eric Decker and Knowshon Moreno left in free agency — replaced by free-agent receiver Emmanuel Sanders and second-year running back Monte Ball. Left tackle Ryan Clady is back after missing most of 2013 with a foot injury. And top slot receiver Wes Welker returned this week after his suspension was overturned thanks to the new drug policies ratified by the union and the league.

Even with the changes, Manning has been typically masterful in Denver’s 2-0 start, completing 69 percent of his passes and throwing for six touchdowns.

“They’re terrific,” coach Pete Carroll said. “Their whole system, their function, their tempo, their style of offense, the intricacies, the concepts of route running and all that. Really, it’s impeccable. They give us every challenge that you could ever want, and they’re off to a great start.”

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Perfect-storm loss is no reason to worry

Antonio Gates catches a TD pass over K.J. Wright in the second half (AP)Funny how a team can go from 13 wins to nine in just one week.

The Seahawks came into this season amid pomp and circumstance as Super Bowl champs, and they merely added to their aura of invincibility with a blowout win in the opener against Green Bay.

Everyone fully expected them to carry that over to Week 2 in San Diego, but no one — particularly the Seahawks — was prepared for the Gates of Hell. A resurgent all-star tight end and debilitating heat conspired to overwhelm Seattle’s vaunted defense.

Now, just like that, the worry warts are out.

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Carroll on facing another great QB: ‘It doesn’t get any better’

Peyton Manning warms up before the Broncos' 24-17 win over Kansas City on Sunday (AP)As the Seattle defense prepares to face a star quarterback for the third straight week, coach Pete Carroll says, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Having beaten Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers and lost to Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers, the Hawks now prepare to host Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in a Super Bowl rematch. And Carroll cracked that they ought to add Tom Brady and the New England Patriots during the Seahawks’ Week 4 bye.

“It’s as hard as it can get,” Carroll said, not meaning that in a bad way. “It’s great for us. It’s going to help us during the course of the season. You can’t get any better challenges than these guys throwing the football. Aaron is phenomenal. And look what we just saw (with Rivers). And here comes Peyton.

“This is a great stretch for us. It’ll only help us,” Carroll said of playing the three top-rated active quarterbacks in the NFL. “We have to be so on the mark and so right in everything we’re doing to defend these guys.”

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