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Hawks should be rooting for selves & Rams

logo-arizonaThere seem to be far too many Seahawks fans calling for Pete Carroll to rest a bunch of guys against Arizona on Sunday. Fortunately, Carroll is much smarter than that.

The Seahawks absolutely should prefer to go to Dallas rather than chilly Chicago in the wild-card round. To do that, they have to beat Arizona, or Minnesota has to lose to the Bears, who are angling for the No. 2 seed.

Dallas would easily be the best postseason matchup for the Seahawks, who then would head to New Orleans if the No. 3 seed (Chicago or L.A.) also won in the wild-card round.

Of course, if the No. 6 seed (Minnesota or Philadelphia) were to win, that would send Seattle to the No. 2 seed. And that’s why the Hawks should be rooting Sunday for the Rams to beat the 49ers (or the Bears to lose).

The Seahawks just don’t want to go to Chicago in mid-January, when temperatures are as frigidly unfriendly as you can get. They surely would prefer to play the division rivals they came close to beating twice earlier this season and probably are well suited to beat in a prospective third matchup in sunny California.

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This has been Wilson’s worst December

logo-arizonaA month ago, many were touting Russell Wilson as an MVP candidate. Then he had the worst December of his career.

The MVP chants were all based on the fact that Wilson has been Seattle’s entire offense this season. With a game left, he has represented 81.6 percent of the offense (4,312 of 5,286 yards). That number is just 0.2 percent off the league record (held, oddly, by one-time Seahawk Jon Kitna). Wilson also has accounted for 35 of the team’s 36 touchdowns.

But here’s the real lesson from those stats: Seattle’s coaches have put way too much on Wilson’s shoulders, and he finally collapsed under that pressure. In some ways, this has been his worst NFL season.

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