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Hawks again need to build a defense to match the 49ers

The 49ers have what the Seahawks need: The division title and the defense required to attain it.

Led by Nick Bosa, the 49ers have the best defense in the league – one that reminds some of the Legion of Boom that led Seattle to three division titles and two Super Bowls.

“They look just like us,” former LOBer K.J. Wright said on Seattle Sports Radio after the 49ers swept the Seahawks for the first time since 2011.

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Carroll senses defense is riding a new wave

With three games left, the Seahawks are right where we thought they would be: At 7-7 and likely on the way to our predicted 8-9 – unless their defense takes another jump from the minor one it made Thursday in a 21-13 loss to the 49ers.

Yeah, the Hawks blew two coverages on George Kittle’s touchdowns, dropped a pick and gave up a clinching 55-yard run at the end of the game. But they held the 49ers to two touchdowns (the third was a gimme by the offense) and just 115 rushing yards before Jordan Mason’s long run.

“This was the best game we’ve had in a while, and we played solid,” Pete Carroll said Friday on Seattle Sports Radio.

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Once again, Hawks are winning despite O-line

The Seahawks' offensive line struggles to protect Russell Wilson against the 49ers in Week 15 (

The Seahawks have rediscovered the formula that won them a Super Bowl: No. 1 defense plus Beast Mode plus DangeRuss plus crappy offensive line.

Can you imagine what kind of season Marshawn Lynch would have if he was running behind the 2005 Super Bowl line that featured future Hall of Famer Walter Jones and All-Pro Steve Hutchinson? We’re probably talking a 2,500-yard season with 30 touchdowns.

But that’s fantasy. Reality is that this line is basically in the same shape as the one that limped into the playoffs last season.

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That bogus roughing call was a rare flag in favor of Seattle

Penalties with logos final 2For just the second time all season, the Seahawks on Sunday had fewer penalties than their opponent — and some people are griping about it. Figures.

Specifically, people are ripping that ticky-tack roughing-the-passer penalty called by Ed Hochuli that gave the Hawks a second chance at a touchdown early in the fourth quarter after Russell Wilson had thrown incomplete on third down.

Yeah, linebacker Nick Moody’s hit on Wilson looked clean to us, too, and the NFL confirmed Monday it was the wrong call. Just like the NFL confirmed it missed a huge fourth-down end zone pass interference against Kansas City four weeks ago in a game the Seahawks lost 24-20.

The call against the 49ers was nowhere near as impactful. Seattle scored on a 10-yard TD pass from Wilson to Paul Richardson two plays later, giving the Hawks a 17-7 lead. But the 49ers didn’t score again anyway, so 13-7 would have been just as good for Seattle.

Pete Carroll, who has joined us over the past month in pointing out the huge disparity between flags thrown against Seattle and their opponents, had no problem getting a cheap call or two for once.

“We actually felt the benefit of a couple calls. We rarely feel that,” he told 710 ESPN on Monday.

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Seahawks can clinch playoff spot vs. Arizona

At 10-4, the Seahawks control their playoff destiny and can lock up a playoff spot with a win over Arizona in prime time Sunday.

They also are now the favorites for the No. 1 seed in the NFC after Green Bay lost. If the Hawks beat Arizona and St. Louis to finish 12-4, they would win any three-way tie.

The only way they would not get the No. 1 seed by winning out is if Green Bay loses to Tampa Bay this week and Detroit loses to Chicago; in that case, the Hawks would need Dallas to lose once as well to avoid a head-to-head tiebreaker (which Seattle would lose).

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CHAWK LINES -- 49ers at Seahawks

A detailed look at the recent play of the Seattle defense, particularly the Legion of Boom, by Doug Farrar.

Another breakdown of Seattle’s simple but successful defensive schemes.

A look at Bobby Wagner’s contribution to Seattle’s defensive dominance of the last few weeks. focuses on defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Jordan Hill.

Tharold Simon is drawing lots of praise despite a ton of penalties.

Not sure why anyone puts much stock in Pro Football Focus grades — they are just as subjective as your opinion or mine. The Seattle Times uses them to point out how Russell Wilson can be viewed as great and terrible in the same game.

Many think this will be the last game between Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers and Pete Carroll’s Seahawks, with Harbaugh expected to be coaching elsewhere in 2015. Jerry Brewer gives his take.

Three key matchups for this Niners-Hawks game, courtesy of Rob Rang.

No one is picking the 49ers.

Mystery solved: Scot McCloughan apparently was forced to leave both the 49ers and the Seahawks because of a drinking problem.

Defensive leaders explain resurgence

Bobby Wagner signals Seattle ball after a takeaway against the Eagles ( Seahawks’ late surge was born of roster health, leadership and camaraderie — things that were missing at midseason — and the Hawks have emphasized for the past three weeks that they are playing for each other more than ever now. And, because of that, they are able to play smarter and faster.

With every win, they reinforce the reborn mantra that they will continue to win if they trust each other.

After the 24-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Kam Chancellor was asked if the defense had sent a message. He said yeah, “but the message wasn’t to anyone outside of this team. The message is to each other.”

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