Lockett & Wilson see failure differently, which explains a lot

In the wake of a familiar pathetic offensive performance in a 23-13 loss to Arizona, Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson’s words illustrated exactly why the Seahawks are struggling.

Lockett spoke the truth: The Seahawks rely on big plays and are not good when those fail because they are bad at making in-game adjustments.

Lockett also told FOX 13 Seattle that defenses are playing the Seahawks differently than they play everyone else, based on the film the Hawks watch in preparing for each game. “They’re not giving us the same looks that they’re consistently giving every other team.” Lockett said the Hawks then do not adapt quickly enough.

Wilson, on the contrary, said he didn’t see the Cardinals do anything different, that it was all stuff he had seen before and adjustments were not the problem. “We just didn’t play clean,” he said.

The difference in viewpoints explains a lot about why the Seahawks are failing on offense.

Clearly Lockett and Wilson are seeing something entirely different. We’ll go with Lockett, because we know Wilson’s field vision has never been great — he misses a ton of reads because he is so short and simply cannot see the entire field. He probably is just not seeing what Lockett is seeing.

It’s also true that defenses know Wilson well by now. They know his preferred style and take away his favorite throws. That’s where the adjustments come in.

You could blame this all on rookie OC Shane Waldron, but Brian Schottenheimer rarely made in-game tweaks either (which is why he eventually got fired). Some of that might boil down to these OCs understanding Wilson’s preferences and limitations and staying with what he is comfortable with and avoiding things they know he cannot do – which plays right into the hands of the defenses.

But there are things Waldron and Wilson can do to fix it. They have used the tight ends more the past two games, and that has largely been a positive – Gerald Everett has been great when used. But they need to stick with the run more — Waldron went away from it yet again even though the Hawks averaged 4.5 yards per carry – and use more misdirection.

The Seahawks clearly have some limited offensive minds – and the rest of the league has been taking advantage of it for over a year.

The more Wilson and Co. struggle, the more the question of Wilson’s future in Seattle will come up. We recently said we think this should be the last chance for Wilson to show he can change and adapt. Of course, part of the problem seems to be he doesn’t think that is necessary – as his words after this game reinforced. So, the writing seems to be on the wall.

Some want Pete Carroll fired. Some want the whole thing blown up and a new era to begin (we would not be opposed to that). Neither of those things is likely.

As frustrated as he is, Carroll is not likely to retire – he and John Schneider just signed new contracts in the last year. And Jody Allen probably won’t fire either off just one really bad year.

But something definitely needs to change. If the change is not made on the field by Waldron and Wilson, then it needs to be off the field with a trade of the QB next year and perhaps a new OC again.

Some are saying Wilson’s value has sunk during this skid. Sure, but he can rebuild it over the last seven games. Either way, the Seahawks still could get a bevy of picks for him – as the Lions did from the Rams for Matthew Stafford.

Of course, we’re not overly confident Schneider would use those picks well (part of the reason we’re open to a new GM and coach). But, hey, we can’t solve all of the franchise’s problems at once.

For now, let’s see whether anyone listens to Lockett and tries to fix what is ailing this offense.


3 thoughts on “Lockett & Wilson see failure differently, which explains a lot”

  1. You asked the question, Russ provided the answer. How much more do we need to see from Russ to know he can’t be fixed? Can we fleece some other team into taking him for a good haul? Weak qb draft, and always teams who think they just need a qb and can “fix” guys.
    As for Pete and John, Pete looks like he is losing control and is out of answers. Not sure Pete can get an average talent level to over achieve, he can get top level talent to play at a top level (not always as easy as it looks). John has some good draft picks, but Penny and Collier are glaring mistakes on a team lacking depth, and injuries are not helping his draft record. He is a mixed bag on trades, but when ever he gives up a 1st, it rarely ends well. KNJ is not a defensive genius, let alone above average. I think Adams can be an elite game changer, but I am not sure he can with this system.
    of course, blowing it all up and ending up worse over the next 5 years is a very real possibility as well. Also possible that Pete can’t do it anymore.
    Can Pete get his mojo back by dumping Russ (and KNJ, pleeeeease)?
    Like you, I doubt Jody fires Pete and John. I doubt Pete will retire, will he want to go out like this? If they decide to trade Russ maybe he gets rejuvenated with a rebuild. BB in NE looks a lot better this year after a down season. Can Pete bounce back? Not sure

    stay tuned folks, the train is just leaving and we have no idea who gets off at the exit. But we can, and will, speculate.


  2. I am seeing a lot of comments from people in various places how terrible Hawks are, on O and D.
    the D is #7 in scoring Defense. They have played 9 team in playoffs or in contention. Their offenses are rated:
    4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 30
    This with a bad pass rush, few turnovers and an offense that cannot stay on the field.
    4 of the next 7 games are against 4 of the 5 worst offenses. They might end up higher than #7.
    No one will call the D elite, but they have vastly outperformed the Hawks O and many other teams as well.

    not a defense of Pete, but let’s look at the reality of the situation and not the myth. I think Pete can fix the D (but I still don’t believe in KNJ), I don’t think he can fix Russ, or this offense. Overall that equals failure, but not unsalvageable in 2022, as long as Russ leaves or he adapts. And I have seen no reason to believe he will adapt.
    Can Pete be successful with a cheap game manager and play Petey Ball?


  3. Yeah, the defense has definitely improved this year — despite no pass rush, few takeaways and being left on the field for far too long. Carroll always fixes his defense, and he did it again this year.

    This season’s balance is all on the offense. It does not seem that Waldron and Wilson are going to make the needed corrections — as obvious as they are to many of us. So yeah, they likely will be making a change of some kind in 2022. It might just be the OC; it might also be the QB.

    I am not afraid of the future — I have watched the Hawks fall and rise again a couple of times in the past two decades. It just comes down to how it happens & how long the rebirth takes …


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