Waldron: We’ll have an ‘attacking mindset’

The best thing Shane Waldron said Tuesday in his first public words as Seattle’s new offensive coordinator is that he wants to have an “attacking mindset” and to “be the one that puts the foot on the gas pedal.”

That’s music to the ears of Seahawks fans and Russell Wilson, who enjoyed the offense’s fast start in 2020 and want to continue to score early and often all the way to the Super Bowl.

Waldron also said he and Pete Carroll share the same “about the ball” philosophy and he plans to bring aggressive balance to the unit.

He said he (not Carroll) owns the offense, which will blend his concepts into what Wilson has been doing and focus on complementary football – which meshes with what Carroll was looking for.

“We’re going to be a balanced offense that’s going to have that ability to create explosive plays with that attacking mindset,” Waldron said. “We want to be the one that puts the foot on the gas pedal.”

Then he seemed to have a special addendum for the “Let Russ Cook” cannibals: “Just saying that it’s a balanced attack doesn’t mean that that’s a conservative attack, so I don’t ever want to get that confused. That will really be the core philosophy that we live by as far as the starting point with run vs. pass vs. any other schematic things we want to get into.’’

With scuttlebutt around the league making it seem like Carroll just wanted a run puppet, Waldron said, “I talked to Pete about this. … It will be through my direction that this offense is run, with the support of coach Carroll.”

Waldron, 41, said he spoke with Wilson, 32, during the interview process and has talked to him since he was hired, learning they have “compatible personalities.”

“He’s an exciting guy to get to work with,” Waldron said. “At any point, this guy can explode and create a game-winning play. He’s the type of quarterback, which I love, where there isn’t any scenario that he’s entered in life where he thought he was going to fall short. He’s got that mindset that he’s going to be the best. He’s going to attack every day preparing himself to be the best. That’s the exciting part about it.”

As we have said, Waldron’s task is to get Wilson and the offense to sustain the caliber of play they started with in 2020. He needs to bring a lot of that Rams-style subterfuge to his playcalling, he needs to be better than his predecessors at adjusting mid-game, and he needs to help Wilson and the offensive line beat the really good defenses (e.g., Aaron Donald and the Rams) they will see late in the season and in the playoffs.

Waldron knows he can do anything he wants to do with Wilson running his offense.

“From a positional standpoint, he can make every throw you need to make,” the new OC said. “He can run any part of any offense that you want to get to. I think the best thing for us is going to be finding out with this marriage, where we fit together, what things he loves, what things fit offensively and then moving forward from there. I couldn’t be more excited to work with him.”


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