Wilson: ‘It’s a critical time’

Russell Wilson did not agree with Pete Carroll’s decision to fire Brian Schottenheimer and he wants input into the hiring of the next offensive coordinator because “it’s imperative to my career.”

In his season wrap from Mexico, Wilson told reporters, “Going into the 10th year in my career, it’s a critical time. The next 10 years are super critical for everybody involved, the whole organization, including myself as a player and the legacy that I want to leave. It’s vital, it’s critical, it’s super significant that I’m a part of that process. Coach and I have definitely been talking about it.”

Wilson said “there hasn’t been any contention” between himself and Carroll and the key is to make sure they stay on the same page in the hunt for a new coordinator.

“What’s really important is somebody who is a tremendous teacher of the game … a tremendous leader of men,” Wilson said. “Someone who is extremely passionate about the game and creative as well. Someone who knows how to find every guy’s strength … including myself. That’s such an incredible part to this game.

“What’s important is for us to be one of the most explosive offenses in football, for us to be able to throw the ball extremely well and for us to be able to run the ball as well, for us to have the up-tempo game.”

Carroll fired Schottenheimer because they apparently disagreed on Carroll’s stated goal to run the ball more in 2021. They abandoned it in three of their four losses and did not go to it enough, particularly inside the tackles, in the playoff loss to the Rams. Carroll said earlier this week that he wants to use the running game to greater effect, to open up the deep passing game again.

Wilson didn’t take that as a mandate to go back to the run-heavy approach of his early career – or even of Schotty’s first year, 2018.

“We have to do everything extremely well,” he said. “We have to be able to throw it down the field. We have to have great concepts in the middle of the field and to get the ball out quick. We want our screen game to be great. We want to be able to run the ball extremely well. We want to be up-tempo and be able to change the pace. We’re capable of all of that. I want to do it all well.”

Asked if he wants to see more “Let Russ Cook” next season, he said simply, “I want to see more wins, more championships. … We’ve won a lot of games, right? We want to win more Super Bowls.”

But he also said, “We’ve got to put our foot down on the gas. No matter how we do it, I think we should score 24 points before the half, get ahead. We can do that — no matter how we do it. Let’s go win. Let’s start early.”  


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