Griffen voids deal, reportedly open to Carroll reunion

Logo -- Free agencyEverson Griffen made his decision a few days ahead of the deadline: He will void his contract with Minnesota, paving the way to free agency March 18 and nixing any idea of a trade for the pass rusher.

Some think he might not even become a free agent. According to, “There’s a belief that Minnesota will work out a way to keep him around at a reduced price.”

But some NFL-educated folks agree with our thought that the Seahawks might have a good shot at him.

Griffen previously expressed his desire to stay in Minnesota, saying in January: “I want to be here. I love this team. I love this organization. They took great care of me when I needed it the most. I want to be a Viking. We’ll see what happens.”

So why did he void his deal then? Maybe the Vikings told him they were planning to cut him anyway (they saved $13 million with his void) or maybe he wants to control his fate — see what other teams might offer him before considering coming back to the Vikings.

That’s where the Hawks come in. Griffen reportedly is open to ending his NFL career with the coach he ended his USC career with: Pete Carroll.

Minnesota reporter Ben Goessling wrote, “The Carroll connection would be important; from what I’ve heard, there’s been some interest in Griffen bringing his career full-circle and playing for him.”

Carroll would have to be interested. So what is the 33-year-old pass rusher, coming off an eight-sack season, worth to the Seahawks?

John Clayton of 710 ESPN thinks he might not command more than $10 million and might even be had for what Seattle is paying Greg Olsen ($7 million). John Schneider would jump at that price. And he should be willing to go up to $12 million on a short deal.

Schneider likely will gauge the market for Griffen at the Combine next week and know whether he is signable by the time he legally can talk to Griffen’s agent March 16, two days before the league year begins.

Assuming Griffen does indeed plan to test free agency, we’ll find out his value in about a month.


2 thoughts on “Griffen voids deal, reportedly open to Carroll reunion”

  1. I am getting the feeling that Clowney will end up somewhere else. Some other team seems likely to pay him what Seattle will not. I would love the Hawks to add Griffen and Quinn; they would be a real nice veteran duo …


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