Schneider should check into Myles Garrett

John Schneider drafting(Updated 2/12) As we bang the drum ever louder and faster for the Seahawks to add a couple of good pass rushers, here’s a name in the news John Schneider should be thinking about: Myles Garrett.

Garrett was suspended for infamously pounding Pittsburgh QB Mason Rudolph on the head with a helmet during an in-game melee last November. It was a wicked assault that certainly merited a suspension, but we aren’t among the self-righteous who think he deserves a lifelong ban or no second chance.

Garrett, the No. 1 pick in the 2017 draft, met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday and was reinstated Wednesday.

If he has not already done so, Schneider should give new Browns GM Andrew Berry a call and see whether he can get the 32-year-old neophyte to surrender Garrett for a reasonable price (though no trade could be made until March 18).

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