Ramsey deal seems unlikely, despite ‘substantive’ inquiry

Draft -- Schneider and CarrollJohn Schneider and Pete Carroll always say they check out every major opportunity that arises, and the star defensive backs on the trade market early this season obviously have piqued their interest.

They reportedly were one of the handful of teams in the Minkah Fitzpatrick sweepstakes, but they obviously were not interested in giving up the first-round pick that Pittsburgh ended up sending Miami.

Now word is they are among the clubs that have made “substantive inquiries” about Jalen Ramsey. Still, it would be surprising if the Seahawks actually traded for Jacksonville’s star corner, who is expected to be dealt by next week.

There are a bunch of reasons a Seattle deal for Ramsey seems unlikely.

Carroll and Schneider have never used a first-round pick on a cornerback, because Carroll likes to coach cover men to his standards (the famous “kick step” and all). Richard Sherman, a fifth-rounder, is the ultimate success story. But outside veterans (e.g., the Cary Williams debacle) typically do not make it in Seattle. The talented Ramsey probably would be an exception to that history, but there are other issues to consider.

The Seahawks expect to have nine draft picks (including two second-rounders) next year, so they could afford a trade if they really wanted to make it. But they also would need to sign Ramsey to a long-term contract. They have plenty of cap space starting in 2020, but do they want to pay top of the market to another Sherman-esque personality?

Ramsey is known for his trash talk and bravado and speaking his mind about his own team. Carroll just took his club back from Sherman and other malcontent stars; does he want to give it up again to a loudmouth like Ramsey?

Ramsey also reportedly hates playing zone defense, a scheme the Seahawks use a lot. Would Carroll tweak that to let Ramsey shadow the top receiver in most games?

The Seahawks also have two young corners who are developing nicely, so do they want to give up on Shaquill Griffin and/or Tre Flowers?

Sure, the Hawks have explored the opportunity, but just how serious are they about Ramsey? Are they really willing to pay the price in every way? Or is their interest just another passing fancy?

Probably the latter.


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