Marquise pick: Hawks bring back the boom

NFL draftLike their former Bam Bam safety, the Seahawks dropped, waited and then lay the boom.

The Seahawks, slated to pick fifth on Day 2, did their usual and traded down from 37. They got nice value for the move down 10 spots with Carolina, adding a third-round pick, and then they drafted Utah’s Marquise Blair, a guy who had been called a “Seahawk safety” by former Seattle scout Jim Nagy.

Blair was generally considered a Round 4-5 guy, but the Seahawks apparently see him as Kam Chancellor 2.0.

“I wish I was back in the Seahawks draft room for this pick!” Nagy tweeted. “I watched one game of Marquise Blair this fall and thought he was the perfect Seahawk safety. Fast and physical. Only weighs 185 pounds but hits like he’s 225. Violent hitter that plays 100 mph. Love it!”

Seahawks scout Tyler Ramsey said, “Marquise will fit in great with our style, and he’s what we covet from a safety. He’s a guy that can play either position. He’s got great speed (4.48) on the back end, but really loves to be physical and mix it up in the box near the line of scrimmage.”

Other scouting reports on Blair:

Lance Zierlein: “Athletic, full-throttle prospect with the mindset of a linebacker in a free safety body. Blair plays the game with an aggressive field demeanor that fuels his passion to race into the action, ready to strike on sight. However, his lack of discipline hurt his team with targeting penalties and by over-running responsibilities against the run and pass. Because of his slender frame, some teams are concerned that durability could become an issue considering how he throws his body around. With that said, he’s long and rangy in coverage, and embodies the mindset that defensive coordinators want from their units.”

Tony Pauline: “Athletic safety prospect with big upside and equal downside. Displays range, quickly gets out to the sidelines in coverage and works well with cornerbacks. Shows good lateral speed, has an explosive closing burst and quickly makes his way to the play. Aggressively drives his shoulders into ballcarriers and brings them down at the point of attack. Explodes upfield and plays aggressive football.”



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