Hawks expected short suspension for Kendricks

Logo -- Los AngelesPete Carroll and the Seahawks were surprised to learn Mychal Kendricks was suspended for more than just two or three games, which is the punishment they expected when they signed him after Week 1.

Kendricks, who is facing up to three years in prison for insider trading, was suspended indefinitely by the NFL on Tuesday. As we wrote, that probably means he is finished for the year — and until he returns from prison.

Carroll was clearly annoyed by the NFL’s decision.

“How do you define indefinitely? I don’t know,” he said. “We pressed that: ‘What does that mean?’ (The NFL said) ‘It means indefinitely.'”

Carroll said the Seahawks signed Kendricks expecting a specific suspension at some point. “We thought it was going to be two, three weeks or something like that.”

That was not a very realistic expectation. We thought it would be 5-8 games. But the NFL clearly seems to be saying Kendricks will not return until he has served his time.

“We don’t have a sense for what’s going to happen right now,” Carroll said, “and they couldn’t give us any, so we know nothing moving forward.”


One thought on “Hawks expected short suspension for Kendricks”

  1. Considering that Thompson is guilty of something that half the owners have likely done at one time or another, the Hawks’ expectations weren’t out of bounds. One the other hand, it’snot exactly a surprise that Roger Goodell would give a greater penalty for a non-violent crime than for domestic abuse.


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