Hawks need to end Thomas drama

Dallas logoThe Seahawks need to end this soon.

They have enough problems without having to put up with the drama of a star player who refuses to practice. Time to trade Earl Thomas. Take the second-rounder and move on.

The Hawks reportedly are considering fining him for missing two practices last week as they prepared to play his favorite team, Dallas.

Thomas made it clear he would “protect” himself this season as he waits for free agency next year, and that is clearly what he is doing as he sits out practices. Of course, it annoys coaches because they can’t properly prepare for games if they are missing players.

But the Hawks put themselves in this mess when they decided not to pay Thomas and then also decided to hold out for a first-round pick. They reportedly have dropped to a second and change. Dallas has held firm against that ask but apparently is willing to revisit talks starting today as the Cowboys visit Seattle — a potential repeat of the Duane Brown deal last year. The Chiefs also apparently could be an option (Eric Berry, the highest-paid safety in the NFL, has not been playing).

At this point, though, the Hawks should take a 2 and move on. They have enough drama on offense, with Pete Carroll, Brian Schottenheimer and Russell Wilson still not on the same page. They don’t need Thomas adding to it on defense.

Meanwhile, we keep hearing the Hawks are prioritizing a deal for Frank Clark — but we remain skeptical. The Hawks have never paid their defensive lineman over $10 million a year, and Clark surely will want at least $14 million (what the Vikings paid Danielle Hunter).

Clark has two of the team’s three sacks in the first two games — showing that, as most expected, he is the only pass rusher they have. Even if the Hawks are able to keep him, they will need to draft a guy next year.


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